I am glad that I live in today’s age. Sure, things were simpler back hundreds of years ago, but they didn’t have the modern luxuries that we all take for granted today. Modern medicine is amazing, transportation is a miracle, the availability of information is astonishing, and air conditioning… We take air conditioning for granted these days, that is until our HVAC breaks down. That is why proper HVAC Maintenance is so important. All the other benefits of modern technology seem to do little good when you are stewing in your own sweat.

Why You Need HVAC Maintenance

HVAC MaintenanceMost of the time, we don’t think much of our office HVAC system. We get to work and it is comfortable. Cool air flows out of vents in the ceiling, and we are happy. We don’t see the mechanisms, we usually don’t even hear it. It is just there. Until it isn’t.

HVAC Maintenance helps prevent break downs. That is the main thing to consider. An air conditioner is a sophisticated machine with components that wear, and parts that move. Much like any other machine (take your car for example), an HVAC needs maintenance to continue to run smoothly. You take your car in for oil changes, plugs and wires, and to top off fluids, why wouldn’t you keep your HVAC maintained?

We all know that if our office HVAC breaks down, we will have a miserable time at work until it is repaired, but it could be causing a bad time at work even before it breaks.

Your office HVAC has a huge impact on the air you breath. It circulates that air throughout the building, and through ducts. Those ducts in the ceiling are cool and dark. The perfect place for mold, bacteria, and other things that cause illness to grow. If you aren’t getting regular HVAC maintenance, then you likely have a build up of foul things being pushed with the air into your office for you to breathe. This can cause reduced employee productivity, and unnecessary sick days.

Poorly Maintained HVAC systems also use more electricity to achieve the same result. Not only does this cost you money in higher electric bills, but it puts more strain on the system and makes it more likely that there will be a catastrophic failure.

What is HVAC Maintenance

Proper HVAC maintenance not only address the dirty duct issue, but also calibrates the thermostat to make sure the system is running properly, Tightens electrical connections to lower fire risk, and lubricates all moving parts to reduce friction that may cause breakdown.

Cooling systems produce condensation when the operate, and this condensation usually collects in a pan, and is drained to the outside. An improperly maintained HVAC system can see this condensation system get clogged with algae or other sediment, and overflow into the buildings ceilings or walls creating major damage.

Another advantage of HVAC maintenance is they adjust and clean the blower, evaporator, and condenser coils. If these parts are not cleaned on a regular basis, the efficiency of the whole system can suffer dramatically costing you a lot more on your monthly utilities bill.

During proper HVAC maintenance, the technician will also check the refrigerant charge and make sure there are no leaks in the system. If you have a refrigerant leak, you will be paying much more then necessary to cool your building, and that extra load on the equipment will eventually lead to a failure of the system.

Do yourself a favor, and call BRAVO! Group Services to set up an appointment for our expert team to come out and inspect your HVAC system. We can do all the maintenance required to keep you running at peak efficiency.

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