More Housing Where It Is Needed Most First WardA recent study showed that Charlotte, NC’s uptown, First Ward, Third Ward, and Fourth Ward were all among the places with the highest rent prices in North Carolina. Supply and demand dictates that as more and more people move into desirable areas, the supply of rentals diminishes, and the prices of those remaining rentals iNCreases. However, when you add more available places to rent, the price should go down. Currently, there are more then 2,000 new apartments being built in uptown. One building that recently filed development plans with the city will include 548 units and 19,585 square feet of retail space in the First Ward. This shows that not only will there be new space for people to live coming into the First Ward, but also space for businesses to cater to those new residents. If you are looking to gain a foothold in the lucrative uptown market for your business, this looks like the time to start.

Soccer May Be Coming to Uptown

The deputy commissioner of Major League Soccer recently visited Charlotte, NC’s Uptown area and listens to pitches from community leaders to put an expansion team in Charlotte in 2020. The Commissioner touted Uptowns growing population, and community pride as traits that Major League Soccer is looking for in a community. This same community pride and population expansion should be something any business owner is looking for when deciding where to open up a new business or braNCh. Major League Soccer has the third highest attendaNCe of any professional sport in the US ranking just behind football and baseball, but ahead of basketball and hockey. Bringing a team into Uptown and the First Ward would be a major economic boom to Charlotte NC and all the business in the First Ward.

There Is A Vision for First Ward

If you have been in Charlotte, NC for a while, then you probably know Daniel Levine. He and his family have been buying property in First Ward since the 1980’s, and he has a plan to turn the area into Charlottes “great urban neighborhood”.  He is currently finishing up a 1,400-space parking deck at 10th and Brevard streets, and will next begin construction on an apartment community with retail that will wrap around the parking deck. After that, Levine has plans to build a hotel and office building all in the First Ward. The full plans for First Ward are to turn the area into a place that people will want to come to work, shop, play and live. This makes Charlotte, NC’s First Ward a great place to set up a business. At BRAVO! Group Services, we love to see a city come to life, and we are well prepared to help Charlotte, NC’s Uptown and First Ward live up to it’s potential. We have highly trained professionals that are skilled in HVAC, Commercial Electrical Systems, and building maintenance and cleaning. We look forward to being a part of the growth of Charlotte, Uptown and the First Ward.]]>

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