Over the past week, we have seen some heavy rains come down in the Oklahoma City area, and many streets have been flooded out. Not only has this made our daily commutes a bit miserable, but it has also enforced the need for professional office cleaning in Oklahoma City.

Water Can Make Things Dirty

We usually think of water as something that helps us clean up. We wash our hands in it, shower and bath in it, and use it to clean up messes. But what can also make things dirty. Water in the streets and sidewalks causes all sorts of spores, pollen, dirt and grime to stick to our shoes. When we come inside, we track that debris in with us. The more that people go in and out of our businesses with wet feet, the more that moisture and grime gets into our carpets. This can create a fertile environment for mold to grow.

In addition to the mold, the dirt, and pollen tracked into the carpets can become airborne once it has dried out. These combined factors can lead to hay fever, headaches, and respiratory problems that can reduce productivity, and even cause your employees to take sick days. Every step on dirty flooring or carpets releases thousands of mold spores, bacteria and viruses.

office cleaning in Oklahoma CityIt’s Time To Clean The Carpets

When the weather is bad, keeping your business clean becomes even more important. Carpet cleaning can keep your staff feeling well, and productive as well as reducing sick days. Not to mention that clean flooring keeps your business smelling and looking good. In business, first impressions matter, so having the floor look good and your business smell fresh is paramount.

it is also a particularly wise idea to have an after-hours service handle the floor cleaning in your business. Floor cleaning machines can be noisy, and sometimes use strong chemicals. These can be a problem if used during business hours even though they make sure your floors are in good shape for the next day.

What About Air Quality

As we’ve already mentioned, walking on dirty floors kicks up some nasty things into the air. These things can settle on surfaces, and even get into the air ducts to be pushed out into the air again when the air conditioning or heater kicks on. If you use professional office cleaning in Oklahoma City, then you won’t need to worry about this that much as well trained cleaners know what surfaces to pay extra attention to to reduce the spread of illness.

Of course, you should schedule regular HVAC inspections and maintenance to keep your system clean and make sure that you HVAC isn’t circulating dirty air. In addition, routine HVAC maintenance can help reduce power consumption. Rain and wind can cause debris to clog up your HVAC system causing it to work harder (and use more energy) to get the job done. If not remedied, this can not only raise power bills, but shorten the life of your HVAC.

BRAVO! Group Service can take care of office cleaning in Oklahoma City as well as floor cleaning HVAC maintenance. Give us a call today, and we can keep your office shining

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