Most of us don’t really want to think about HVAC maintenance. Or if we do, we only want to consider changing out those paper filters every couple months. But not having your HVAC maintained can cost you a lot more money then you think. Here are a few reasons why it is always a good idea to have a regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance program in place.

Lower Energy Costs

I used to live in Florida. And although we used the air conditioner most of the year, we never used the heater. You would probably be surprised to know that my electric bill usually was cut in half during the couple months that I never turned on the AC. Now sure, that was residential, and it was years ago, but if you have never spent a month without the AC running, you might be surprised at how much power it actually uses. However, if the system is properly maintained, those costs can be cut down drastically. You see, the fans that circulate the air need to run longer if the unit is clogged up and dirt is limiting air flow. Likewise, if the freon levels are low, then the fans need to run longer to cool your building to the desired temperature. And if you have a dirty unit with low freon… Well that fan will be working far more then it would on a well maintained unit.

Longer Useful Life

You Are Loosing Money By Not Having Your HVAC MaintainedNot only does your HVAC unit have to work harder and longer to cool your building if it is dirty or low on freon, but all that extra run time causes extra wear on the parts. This will lead to failures of the HVAC unit. I am sure you understand that replacing your HVAC system is far more expensive then a maintenance program. Just like a car with 100,000 miles on it is far more likely to break down then the same year car with only 10,000 miles on it, the fan in your air conditioning unit is far more likely to break down if it is running more.

In addition to simply wearing out from over use, any system that is constantly moving air is subject to the dust and debris that is carried in the air. Just as this dust can clog up your coils and vents, it can also accumulate on moving parts and eventually lead to failures. Cleaning the HVAC system is the only way to keep your system running efficiently over the long run.

Improved Air Quality

And what about that dust and debris? Not all of it stays on your vents, coils and moving parts. Some of it gets blown out into your building reducing air quality. This problem becomes even worse when you take into account that the condensation that forms inside a HVAC unit can lead to cool, dark, moist areas perfect for mold. Then, these mold spores get picked up and blown through your HVAC system and out into your business.

So you see, having your HVAC properly maintained can not only reduce energy costs, and repair or replacement costs, it can also reduce employee sick days and keep employee productivity high.

So what are you waiting for? Call BRAVO! Group Services today and let our team come up with a plan to keep your HVAC maintained on a schedule that is good for you, and your budget.

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