If you are on office manager, or if your boss likes to give you the duties of an office manager, then your boss probably expects you to know these three things about building maintenance.

Who Your Vendors Are

If you need to concern yourself with building maintenance, you should be looking into what vendors your company uses to take care of the building maintenance. Your best bet would be to consolidate those vendors so it is easier to keep track of. Also, using the same vendor to take care of multiple issues will save you money. Think of it like bundling your insurance. Bundling your building maintenance service can save you money as well.

When Things Need Maintenance

Not everything in your building requires maintenance at the the same interval. You likely have a janitorial service that cleans your office multiple times per week, or even daily, but your HVAC may only need maintenance monthly or quarterly. And even though electrical breakers wear out, how often to you really need to have them looked at? Annually? Semi annually? It is good to know the frequency that building maintenance issues need to be addressed. You should make sure that you are using vendors to take care of the building maintenance that you trust to do the job when it is needed, and not add extra times and dates.

What Needs Maintenance

what you need to know about building maintenanceOf course, the most important thing your boss expects you to know about building maintenance is what needs maintenance.

Of course you need floor maintenance whether you have carpet or tile, or some other type of flooring, chances are, it needs maintenance. Along with that is cleaning services. even if your building was ran entirely by automation, things would get dusty, dirty and grimy.

Your HVAC needs maintenance. When heaters aren’t used, dust build up creates a fire hazard when they are used. When an air conditioner or heater is used, fans blow around debris that can clog up systems and reduce air quality as well as increasing energy usage and cost.

Electrical systems, elevators, garage gates… Almost anything that you can think of will require maintenance at some point, and we aren’t even getting into your office equipment.

Be A Pro At Building Maintenance

There really is only one thing you need to know to take care of all your building maintenance needs. That is: BRAVO! Group Services can take care of all your building maintenance needs. Just one call to BRAVO! and you don’t need to worry anymore. Your boss will be impressed that you have handled all the building maintenance needs, and you can rest assured that the team at BRAVO! can do the job correctly and keep you running smoothly.

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