Keeping Schools Clean Should Be A Priority

Most people don’t think of schools as being a particularly dirty place. but did you know that most schools judge cleanliness based on visual inspections alone? That may be fine when you are just worried about putting trash in receptacles, and putting things away when you aren’t using them. Those things you can see. bacteria and other germs you can not see. Therefore a visual inspection will do little to judge the cleanliness of surfaces.

Maybe this is why the average school computer keyboard has 3,300 bacteria per inch, or why cafeteria trays average 33,800 bacteria per inch, or why water fountain spigots average 2,700,000 bacteria per inch.

Stopping The Spread of germs

Keeping Schools Clean Should Be A PriorityGerms are transmitted when you touch your nose, eyes or mouth after you have touched a contaminated surface. Some bacteria can live on surfaces for months, but most will last on these surfaces your child comes in contact with at least 48 hours.

It is important that the people charged with cleaning school buildings know what these touchable surfaces are, and have enough training to know what cleaners to use that are both good enough disinfectants to eliminate the germs, but still safe enough for children to be around.

Germs Cause Problems

It is important that we do everything in our power to make sure that school buildings are being properly cleaned. On average, elementary students contract 8-10 colds or flu cases per school year. This amounts to 60 million school days missed by students between colds and the flu. Statistics show that chronicle absent students are 7.4 times more likely to drop out of school.

Even teachers miss an average of 5.3 days per school year due to illness. Teacher absences cost schools more then $25 billion annually.

This problem with school building cleanliness isn’t just confined to elementary schools. High Schools, trade schools and colleges all have problems similar to this. It is what happens when you bring large groups of people together on a daily basis.

The best way to combat the spread of germs in any educational institution is by bringing in a competent cleaning service. With professional cleaners you have people who are properly trained in both cleaning techniques, and what cleaning agents to use. You can also feel secure in who you are letting into your buildings as a professional cleaning company will screen and background check their employees.

BRAVO! Group Services is a top of the line cleaning and building maintenance company with offices across the United States to serve you. Our team can develop a plan to fit your individual institutions needs, and can also be available for other maintenance issues such as electrical wiring upgrades, and HVAC service

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How Dirty Is Your Child's School?

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