With winter right around the corner, avoid landing on Santa’s Naughty List this year by having your HVAC serviced before the worst storms hit. When you contract your winter HVAC service through BRAVO! Group Services, you can rest easy knowing your office’s heating service is in the hands of reliable, experienced professionals. With that in mind, here are four good reasons to have your HVAC serviced this winter.

Improve Efficiency and Save Money

4 reasons to have your HVAC serviced this winterA clean filter and properly working HVAC are the keys to heating and cooling efficiency. As energy bills rise in the winter, ensuring your furnace and system are running smoothly is crucial to keeping your costs in line. When you schedule your winter check-up, your BRAVO! Professional will apprise you of any issues when they evaluate your units. Replacing filters, repairing damaged ducts, and performing routine and preventative maintenance on your HVAC can save you and your business hundreds of dollars in energy bills.

Avoid A Winter Breakdown

If temperatures drop to near zero, your HVAC unit will be working overtime to keep your staff and customers nice and warm. Proper maintenance and inspection before the worst storms hit will help you avoid an inconvenient, and possibly dangerous, HVAC breakdown caused by overuse or worn out parts. A worst-case scenario, with a completely unusable HVAC, could even lead to a temporary shut down of your office or store until the unit can be repaired. Schedule a maintenance appointment before it gets too cold, and rest easy knowing that your HVAC can handle even the coldest winter nights.

Improved Air Quality

Cold and flu season can wreak havoc on workers and customers stuck indoors during cold winter months. In addition, leftover allergens from summer still trapped in your HVAC filters can circulate throughout the office, triggering illness and discomfort for even the hardiest employees. Changing your filter, cleaning your vents and ductwork where needed, and removing dust and pollen that have accumulated is a simple but essential part of servicing any HVAC system. New filters will freshen up your stale air, and allow cleaner air to circulate.

Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

While gas systems are generally considered safe, units that are not properly maintained are potential hazards. If you use natural gas to heat your office or store, there is always a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. When you schedule a proper winter HVAC checkup from BRAVO!, their expert technicians will ensure that your staff and clients are safe from inhaling unwanted fumes. Plus, gas systems that are serviced regularly are far less likely to present fire hazards and other dangers inside of your office.

Choosing the right company for your winter HVAC preventative maintenance is a cinch- BRAVO! Group Services has been in the repair and maintenance business for over two decades. We have a proven track record of safety, service, and commitment to quality in our communities. When you contract with BRAVO!, you receive dependable service and customer care. We aren’t just HVAC experts – we can also take care of your routine building maintenance, professional janitorial services, and even electrical work. Come visit us for your winter tune-up, and stay for our other professional business services.

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