A lot of businesses these days like the look and feel of older buildings. The brick warehouses in the historical district, the art deco styling in downtown, or even the post modern buildings of the 60’s. The is something to be said for having your business in a classic building. And since there are so many buildings already out their, it is far easier to just get an older building then build something new.

Should I upgrade My Office Electrical Panel?However, the electrical needs of businesses have changed considerably over time. A server room and the HVAC to keep it cooled can draw more power then some old buildings were designed for. Air conditioning itself didn’t start to show up in office buildings until the 1930’s, and even the break room refrigerator didn’t replace the old ice box in most places until the 1940’s. When I was younger, the office my mother worked at still used manual typewriters, and I remember her being so excited when they finally got electric typewriters.

These days it is unheard of to see an office without a phone and a computer on every desk. In may player multiple monitors are common (I am staring at dual monitors as I write this). In many offices you will find fans or space heaters in cubicles, color copy machines, and multiple printers connected through a server room full of other IT equipment that nobody is really sure how it works (except maybe the IT guy). Combine all of these modern office tools with the myriad of gadgets and chargers that every employee brings with them to work every day, and you may find that your old office electrical panel is ill equipped to serve your current needs.

Do I Trip Breakers?

If you are having breakers trip often at your office, this could be a good sign that you need to upgraded your office electrical panel. However, this could also just mean that you need new breakers. Either way, when your breakers are tripping often, take that as a sign that you should have a professional take a look at your electrical system.

Are My Lights Dimming or Flickering?

If your lights get dimmer when everyone gets to work and turns on their computers, or when the air conditioner, break room fridge, or other alliances turn on, then this is a good sign that your current office electrical panel isn’t good enough to meet your current electrical needs.

Is My Office Electrical Panel Warm, or Does It Smell?

If your office electrical panel smells, or is warm to the touch, these could be signs that you are overloading the panel. These could also be signs that there is a faulty breaker, or other problems with the panel. No matter what is causing the panel to smell or be warm, you should call a professional to take a look at it. These issues could be a fire hazard and should be addressed right away.

Are You Looking To Upgraded Your Equipment?

If you have been planning to upgraded other office equipment, you should have your office electrical panel checked to make sure it can handle the load of the new equipment.

At BRAVO! Group Services, we have a skilled team of electricians who’s goal is to maintain the overall maintenance and operational performance of your building. Give us a call to have someone come out and check your office electrical panel, and your whole electrical system. We can then give you a comprehensive overview of your power needs, and recommendations.

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