Between 1889 and now, Oklahoma city has seen many different styles of construction. From the turn of the century Bricktown warehouses to the art deco sky scrapers, to the modern, post modern and contemporary buildings. There is something for every style in Oklahoma city. However, many of these amazing old buildings were never designed to handle modern electrical needs. But not to worry, Oklahoma City electrical upgrades can turn your old building into a stylish modern business hub.

On November 5th, there was an electrical fire in the 33-story art deco First National Building. Luckily, no one was hurt. But this reminds us all that old wiring is a hazard that must be dealt with.

Oklahoma City Electrical Upgrades Prepare Your For The Future

Oklahoma City Electrical UpgradesThe problem is, most older building were built in a time when our electrical needs were radically different. Some of the buildings in Bricktown were even built before electricity was common. Then came air conditioners, copy machines, computers on every desk and server rooms. Eventually, the power needs of the modern office became far to heavy for the wiring of many of the old buildings in town.

Let’s face it, if you have a building that is over 20 years old, you should have your electrical system inspected. Not only is the system not likely built to handle the requirements of a modern office, but after decades of use, the insulation on the wires may have become brittle, and cracked. This can lead to short circuits, ground faults, and fires.

Being Prepared For Future needs

BRAVO! Group Services has highly trained, certified staff that has extensive experience, across multiple industries, who can ensure that your electrical and lighting systems are running safely, and at peak efficiency.

Electrical optimization plays a significant role in the overall maintenance and operational performance of your building. Working closely with your team at the outset, we learn your unique needs and demands in order to customize an ongoing program designed to manage and conserve your electrical distribution.

BRAVO! Group Services doesn’t just stop with upgrades to your breaker box and wiring. Our team can install advanced electrical control systems for building automation, life safety, fire protection, security systems, CCTV Systems, network wiring, and fiber optic installation and management. We not only bring your buildings internal wiring up to present standards, but we prepare your building for the future.

Call BRAVO! For Oklahoma City Electrical Upgrades

To schedule a consultation assessment of your facility contact us today. Find out how our team of industry leaders can help you improve efficiency, maximize your productivity, and boost your bottom line.

With upgrades to your buildings electrical system you can lower insurance costs, and attract tenants, as well as secure your building and be prepared for the future. BRAVO! can take care of your Oklahoma City electrical upgrades, and we will be there for any other building maintenance needs you have. Together, we can bring out the true potential of your commercial property.

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