It seems a day can go by without someone trying to convince you to bundle your home and auto insurance. To be honest, this is actually a good idea (I bundled my two auto insurance policies with my renters insurance and the bundle discount was bigger then the cost of the renters insurance policy).  But did you know that bundling building maintenance can also save you money?

3 Must Haves For Building Maintenance

Unfortunately, most people only ever consider cleaning when thinking of building maintenance. However, just like a car, there is more to maintaining your asset then just cleaning it.

HVAC Maintenance

bundling building maintenanceI am not sure if I have ever been in a building without some sort of HVAC system. Heating and cooling is paramount in todays world. Heating and cooling systems need to be maintained to operate at peak efficiency and reduce the risk of catastrophic failures. What makes matters more difficult, is that each system is usually only used for part of the year. Air conditioning systems can get clogged and dirty, and occasionally need their coolants topped off. If this isn’t being attended to on a regular basis, the system will become inefficient and the costs to run it will increase. Proper maintenance of an air conditioning system usually pays for itself in decreased power bills. The savings from catastrophic failure are more difficult to quantify, but are a substantial amount.

Heaters can be an even bigger risk. Dust and debris can accumulate in your heater system if your building is in a location that doesn’t use the heater often, and this dust and debris can be a fire hazard when you first fire up your heater.

At the very minimum, you should have your HVAC system inspected and cleaned before the switch from AC to heat, and then again between the switch back.

Electrical System Maintenance

Advances in modern technology have increased the workload of most buildings electrical system. A building that is just 20 years old will often be ill equipped to handle the electrical loads required of modern businesses. Even when a buildings electrical system is sufficient, constant use and high loads can wear out circuit breakers and electrical panels. Worn breakers trip easier, and can become a fire hazard. Having your electrical panels inspected on a regular basis can prevent these issues.

Building Cleaning

The most common building maintenance is cleaning. from flooring to bathrooms, everything gets dirty. A clean building is known to increase customer satisfaction, reduce staff sick days, increase morale. In fact, having a professional cleaning service clean your building is one of the easiest ways to increase productivity and profits.

Bundling Building Maintenance

BRAVO! Group Services knows what it takes behind the scenes to keep your building running at peak efficiency, and increase your business profits. Being able to handle all of your buildings maintenance needs allows BRAVO! to offer you a better value then you would get if you outsourced these tasks to multiple companies.

Give BRAVO! a call today, and we can help you set up a building maintenance program that will improve your business, your productivity and your profits.

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