I don’t know what things are like where you are from, but where I am, we don’t think about the heater that much. That is, until we need it. And by then, we tend to be a little scarred of it. You see, starting a heater up for the first time in the winter is usually accompanied by some bad smells, sometimes smoke, and if you are really unlucky, a fire.

Fall & Winter HVAC Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance: Keeping Your Heater Running All WinterOkay, in a perfect world, we all would have our HVAC’s checked before each season. Before winter starts, you should have your heater looked at, have filters replaced, check the condition of belts, clear drain lines, check electrical connections, make sure the fan and blower are working properly, lubricate where necessary, inspect and clean burner assembly, check thermostat and controls for proper operation, and inspect the heat exchanger.

We get it, You have enough to do without having to worry about all of that. That is why you should call in an expert like the HVAC maintenance team at BRAVO! Group Services.

How Do I Know I Need HVAC Maintenance?

Your heating system should be looked over as soon as the weather starts to get cold. Dirt and debris that collects on the heating elements when the system is not in use, and accumulates over time, can cause that bad burning smell, smoke and even fire.

But if you haven’t had your heating system checked yet this season, you should ask yourself a few questions. How has your system been performing? Does it get your space to the set temperature in adequate time? Can it maintain that temperature?

How many hours per day is your system on? How many hours per week?  How often is it actually running when you have it on? Not only does the amount of time you have the system on affect how often you should have it serviced, but the amount of time it is actually running when you have it on can clue you in on certain types of problems that may need to be addressed.

What type of business do you run? This tends to be overlooked when thinking about HVAC maintenance, but the truth is, a full office filled with diligent workers doing data intensive tasks on their computer towers while sitting in small, tightly organized cubicles will generate a lot more heat then half a dozen real estate agents who are in and out of the office all day..

How old is your building? New buildings use the latest technology to make well insulated offices that require less energy to heat and cool. The older your building is, the less efficient it is. Of course, if your building is outdated, BRAVO! Group Services will be more then happy to help you upgrade your building to the latest in sustainable, and environmental friendly technology.

How high are your energy bills? This is the important one isn’t it? We can explain how a lack of maintenance can cause catastrophic failures that will require replacing the whole heating system. We can tell you all about how poorly maintained HVAC’s can be a fire hazard. But those are all “what if’s” aren’t they?  For something more tangible, something more current, we should remind you that an improperly maintained heating system simply runs inefficiently. And that inefficiency will undoubtably cause your energy costs to rise.

Having your heating system inspected and maintained will save you money every month. Call BRAVO! Group Services, and we will send out an HVAC Technician to go over your system and let you know how we can help you save money, and operate safer.

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