A Trained Cleaning Crew Is Defense Against HAIs It is therefore imperative that you put your facility in the hands of a janitorial service that has well-trained staff, proper equipment, and the experience needed to deliver customized and effective cleaning services to your healthcare facility. When looking for janitorial services for your facility, consider only service providers that have the adequate skills, experience, and equipment for healthcare cleaning. It is imperative that you hire effective professional service providers whether you’re running a hospital, clinic, surgical center, or ambulatory or other healthcare facility. The best janitorial service providers invest money, effort and time into every aspect of their business, most important being the cleaning staff. For that reason, these service providers approach screening, recruitment, training, onboarding, and certifications on a systematic manner that ensures accountability and reliability. You want to hire a service provider that will take time to become fully acquainted with the unique needs of your healthcare facility. Only then can the janitorial service design and implement a training program that equips the provider’s cleaning staff to deliver the highest possible quality of service.

Outsource Your Cleaning Staff

Managing an in-house janitorial department unnecessarily strains on your facility because it’s essentially an entirely separate business leaching resources away from your core business from within. Most facility managers already bear an overwhelmingly large responsibility even without having to allocate time, money and effort to maintaining hygiene standards in the facility. Outsourcing the facility’s janitorial needs makes it easier to budget for them because of the specialization and scale of dedicated janitorial services. In addition to cost-saving without compromising on quality, outsourcing your facility’s cleaning needs also improves overall patient safety, enhances satisfaction among patients and staff, defense against HAIs, boosts HCAHPS scores, and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. The quality of healthcare services varies from one facility to another; the same is true for healthcare janitorial services. Some service providers deliver more value and are more reliable than most of their counterparts. Here are some of the important things to look for in an established janitorial service provider:
  • Documented experience with healthcare facilities
  • Rigorous screening of employees
  • Top-tier training for cleaning staff
  • Hospital approved cleaning materials and equipment
  • Adherence to the best practices of the industry
  • Familiarity with HIPPA and issues related to compliance
Keep every person in your healthcare facility safe from HAIs and protect your facility’s reputation by hiring established janitorial services such as BRAVO! Your Cleaning Staff Is The First Line Of Defense Against HAI’s]]>

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