The heating and cooling system is among the most valuable systems in your property. HVAC maintenance is vital to enable your system to operate at maximum efficiency for reliable service. Surprise breakdowns can lead to a business shutdown, with negative financial implications. You should schedule your HVAC maintenance program at least twice in a year: during the spring, to take care of the cooling equipment and in the fall, to cater to the heating equipment. The scheduled repair time is also an ideal opportunity to bring any other issue that requires to be checked by our technicians.

Reasons why preventative maintenance is vital

During your HVAC maintenance, BRAVO’s skilled technicians inspect your system and evaluate needed repairs and adjustments. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system has both immediate and long term benefits including helping avoid future problems. Below, we take a look at some of the benefits of HVAC maintenance

Fewer repairs

Regular HVAC maintenance helps avoid expensive repairs in the future. Problems can be spotted at infancy before escalating to levels that will require business shutdown before they can be remedied. Regular maintenance schedule is key to reducing repair costs.

Longer equipment life

Regular HVAC maintenance ensures extended lifetime for your heating and cooling equipment. A malfunction in one part of the equipment can cause a ripple effect on others, causing the system to break down. This helps lower your spend on capital expenditures in your business.
Lower energy bills
The fact that your heating and cooling equipment seems to be in good working condition does not rule out the presence of underlying problems. Poorly maintained equipment gradually loses its efficiency to keep your business premise comfortable as it once did when new. Professional maintenance on your HVAC system leads to low energy consumption. Do not wait till your bills spike before you can have your system inspected by a technician. 

Clear the Air

Besides keeping your family comfortable, the HVAC system ensures clean and safe air supply. Lack of maintenance on the system can lead to it circulating more polluted air compared to the what is in the atmosphere. Your HVAC system requires a change of air filters from time to time to ensure fresh air circulation. At BRAVO!, we ensure to it that your HVAC system enhances indoor air quality in your business premises.

Enhanced safety around the year

Besides being costly to run your HVAC system without regular maintenance, you risk the safety of persons on your business premises. If the heat exchanger at the furnace develops a crack, for instance, this can cause carbon monoxide to escape and polluting the air you breathe. Additionally, a short circuit in an electric HVAC system if ignored can result to fire. Your HVAC system requires to be inspected for critical aspects including leaks, safety, and carbon monoxide detector, whose failure can lead to a business shut down.

Do you have a preventative maintenance schedule for your HVAC system? If not yet, reach out to BRAVO! today to have skilled and dedicated technicians take care of your heating and cooling system.

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