Is Your HVAC Ready For The Summer Heat?

When summer is over, you might still be lost in the bliss that comes with spring forgetting that summer is creeping right at the corner. It might be the time for you to think about how you can keep your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC) to work for you this hot season. When your office and the HVAC complement each other, you can cut on the costs of cooling and maintaining sanity during the hot season. You can enjoy comfort and less irritation at work with perfect temperatures no matter how hot the weather might seem. At BRAVO! we have specialized in providing HVAC solution to ensure that your system runs smoothly according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Here are a few maintenance tips to prepare your HVAC for the coming summer.

Focus On Your Filter System

You should fix air filters for your HVAC system. If your office has a fixed filter to ensure that you always clean the filter system. Disposable filters need to be replaced monthly; it is crucial to replace temporary filters and clean temporary ones for them to work effectively. Dirt can block your HVAC thus increasing the cost of cooling your office space as air will not circulate freely throughout your working area.

Outdoor Areas Should be Cleared during Summer

Check your HVAC unit from the outside as debris might settle on the outside part of your unit blocking air circulation. Branches and plants might block the unit if they touch it. The leaves should be removed completely from the appliance, during autumn leaves tend to fall on your building and could pose problems for your HVCA.

Check the Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is one of the best solutions for your energy bills; newer technologies enable you to customize tour air conditioner schedule even when you are not at the office. You can set it depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Some thermostats function in such a way that if there is a person at the, they automatically lower the temperatures. You can, therefore, run a climate controlled schedule that works for your pocket also.

Take Advantage of Window Treatments

The temperatures of your office rise immensely as the sun can penetrate through glass, to meet the rising temperatures, your air conditioner has to overwork, especially in the afternoons. Your office needs high-quality window treatments during the summer periods more than ever. You can invest in blinds and drapes and window coverings that reduce the heat build-up that results from the explosion to the sun. Sunlight increases the heat in your office, which will be costly for your cooling system.

You Should Clear the Vents

Your office HVCA can only work better if the vents have no obstructions that hinder the flow of air. You can have a professional to check your vents to get rid of visible blockages; blockage reduces the air flows in the vents which could add costs to your office maintenance. This basic maintenance will greatly improve the cooling system of your office.

Maximize Air Flow with Fans

Fans will work marvels for your office cooling system creating comfort and feel of air in your office. There options which are available for your office space such as the ceiling fans, table tops, and floor fans. The air should flow downwards which can prevent excessive heat build-up in your office. To maximize the cooling system in your office, you should choose all types of fans that are suitable for your office space. Consider using portable air conditions to ensure that your office is adequately cooled in the summer season. BRAIVO! is equipped with top of the line resources and highly trained and experienced professionals ready to provide preventative maintenance for your commercial HVAC unit before summer. Call our world class customer representative today and experience the difference!

Is Your HVAC Ready For The Summer Heat? Here a few tip from BRAVO! To prepare your HVAC for this summer


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