A facility condition assessment is an essential thing to do when it comes to facility management. You need to equip your current facility to ensure that it meets your needs and requirements this year, next year and even ten years to come. Taking a close look at every piece of equipment will provide you with solutions to your facility problems.

You can seek the services of BRAVO! Group Services to help you standardize the entire process. Facility condition assessment is an essential tool for assessing your facility’s ability to meet all your needs and requirements.

You should understand that data on your equipment can help you predict your equipment’s remaining life, plan for the future expenditures and focus on your preventive maintenance where it is needed most.

BRAVO! will help you achieve your facility condition assessment goals since it offers various services which include electrical work, janitorial work as well as HVAC maintenance.

Reasons Why You Need to Do a Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition AssessmentFacility assessment is about determining the ability of your facility to enable an activity or meet an intended purpose. What BRAVO! does with facility condition assessment is similar to what experts do in other risk assessment and analysis scenarios.

In business, experts often perform risk assessments of the enterprise. When performing a facility condition assessment, you need to understand the current condition of your business and the probability that your enterprise could run into problems with finances, inventories, and employment.

You need to identify what is essential to the operation as well as a support structure and what is probable or likely to be a problem. That is the same approach that BRAVO! takes with the facility condition assessment.

How Does a Facility Condition Assessment Work?

A facility condition assessment starts with a complete inventory of your current equipment and the related infrastructure. In its simplest form, it is a list of all the equipment you maintain, and it includes demographic data to help identify each one uniquely like location, age, and capacity.

You will need to add the results of the condition assessments to your list as you complete all of them. The registry will help you identify the type of preventive programs that you require.

You need to start by defining your current facility’s goals and missions. Also, you need to understand how equipment conditions impact your facility’s ability to meet all your needs and requirements.

For example, BRAVO! should provide you with the best HVAC maintenance services, janitorial work services as well as electrical work services while data centers should provide businesses with an environment that allows data processing, keeping information virtually and physically protected.

The key components of BRAVO! are the ability to offer cool and humidity-controlled air as well as consistent electrical and janitorial work so that your facility has the power and it is in a cool environment where it can effectively work. A facility assessment condition is based on three primary components which are:

  • Age: Most individuals use age to ballpark their equipment’s life and for excellent reasons. Age in most cases correlates with frequent breakdowns as well as higher needs for repairs and maintenance. In some cases, advanced age can indicate less availability for the repair parts even if your equipment suns well.
  • Performance: You need to know if your equipment has consistently performed or if it has had some issues. From this, you can put the equipment on a scale ranging from working well to always failing.
  • Current Conditions: If you identify that your equipment is rattling and dirty and all the covers, as well as skins, are banged up, then you need to rate it lower based on the current observed conditions.

You should practice annual preventive maintenance by building ongoing assessments into yearly preventive maintenance activities. Track all the scores using computerized maintenance systems if you own one. Automating part of the facility condition assessment process will make the entire thing easier to manage.

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