On average, each office worker spends about eight hours a day in the office and others even more. A well cleaned office is free of germs, allergens, and other bacteria that can cause illness or workplace injury. Indeed, it is paramount to maintain a spotless office as it promotes a positive image for your company and improves workers’ productivity. But, is it better to have your office cleaned in the evening or the morning? This is a common question among business owners and property managers, yet there isn’t a definitive answer.

You can have your office cleaned during working hours throughout the day, or you can have it done after all of your employees have gone home for the day. Another option is to have the cleaning crew come in early in the morning so that they are gone before your office staff begin their day.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each cleaning time, but the right time depends on the circumstances in your office.

Morning cleaning

Is It Better To Have Your Office Cleaned In The Evening Or The Morning?Many people prefer the morning cleaning because it is done during the early morning hours before working hours begin. So the office is sparkling clean throughout the day and smells fresh for the employees to work in a comfortable environment as well as nothing distracts from the production process.

Morning cleaning is also recommended if your company has a slow start up in the mornings as employees and visitors trickle in. In addition, many companies are less likely to hold meetings early in the morning.

Another benefit of scheduling a morning cleaning is reduced energy consumption by turning lights off.

Evening cleaning

Evening office cleaning is carried out by the cleaning company after the working hours when employees and visitors already vacate the premises. All rubbish, dirt, and dust that has accumulated throughout the day are removed, and the workplace is thoroughly cleaned using high-quality detergents and equipment. Evening cleaning always adds up to the most efficient and deep clean because the cleaners have sufficient time to clean, unlike the morning cleaning.

This arrangement is also best if your employees usually start working very early, they will not be distracted by the cleaners who will want to pull them from their work stations to do the cleaning. However, it results in huge electricity bills since you have to leave the lighting and heating on for longer. Also, your security is compromised because there is no one to supervise the cleaners. Nonetheless, if your employees often work late or your business is open 24 hours you may want to schedule a different cleaning time.

To have your office cleaned thoroughly without disrupting your production process, try out some of the office cleaning time slots to find out the best time for your company. Contact BRAVO! Group services for excellent office cleaning services. With decades of experience in clean room service, a dedicated team of professionals, who utilize the latest technology and the best equipment, we are the right team for your office cleaning. We are also happy to work with your schedule as we offer both morning and evening cleaning services.

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