HVAC Preventative Maintenance Can Save You Money and Frustration

Installing high efficiency HVAC equipment has led to tax credits and savings in utility bills for many consumers in recent years. What many people do not realize, however, is that if this equipment isn’t maintained properly, its efficiency decreases drastically. The end result is increased utility bills and lowered life expectancy of the unit.

Average life expectancy for well-maintained HVAC equipment is 15-20 years. If your unit has experienced big malfunctions within its early life stages it’s a clear sign that it is not being maintained as it should, thus costing you more money.

Signing up for a HVAC Preventative Maintenance agreement from BRAVO! Group Services can help you to get the most out of your HVAC equipment by reducing operating costs and extending the durability of the equipment.

What is HVAC Preventative Maintenance?

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Can Save You Money and FrustrationThere are multiple working components to a HVAC unit, and as things grow older, they are bound to wear out. Getting your unit inspected for proper heating/cooling performance can help to ensure that it operates at peak performance for as many years as possible.

A certified technician dealing with HVAC services will carefully inspect all the aspects of your unit and also remove any accumulated debris. The technician will also notify you about any trouble spots they find, so that you can come up with a plan to have the areas fixed before they need emergency repair services.

Preventative Maintenance on Gas Furnaces

It is important to have your gas furnace inspected for any rust or decay to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning in your home or in a commercial setting. Preventative maintenance on gas furnaces also includes:

  • Cleanup of debris.
  • Inspection of parts including the fan, belts and coil.
  • Electrical wiring inspection.
  • Pressure checking.
  • Inspecting air ducts.
  • Checking the levels of the refrigerant.

A/C Maintenance

A scheduled A/C maintenance can help to reduce any surprise bills and increase the durability of your unit. The air quality will also be improved. Replacing the air filter in your system can help to decrease accumulation of dirt and catch any unwanted debris before it gets into your home.

Similar to how your car requires an oil change after 3,000 miles, your HVAC system requires a yearly tune-up to ensure it continues to run efficiently too. An air conditioner that’s working at its most efficient level will keep your home cooler using significantly less power, meaning lower utility bills at the end of the month.

Schedule a HVAC Preventative Maintenance Program Today

Regular HVAC maintenance tasks are carried out monthly, quarterly or yearly, and if overlooked, will rapidly lead to reduced unit efficiency and increased energy expenses. Even something as small as an air dumper getting stuck at a wrong position can negatively affect the energy needed to operate your HVAC unit by decreasing the air flow.

At BRAVO! Group Services we are fully licensed, insured and certified. We are equipped to service a wide variety of HVAC models and we gladly provide free estimates for our services. Our regular maintenance program includes lubricating parts, repairing or replacing worn components, and testing and adjusting the equipment to ensure optimal performance.

Lower the downtime and enhance the general efficiency of your residential or commercial HVAC unit by scheduling a preventative maintenance program. Our expert and responsive crew are open to answer any queries about how you can save more money via preventative maintenance programs.

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