Combating Indoor Allergens Can Reduce Sick Days And Make You More Productive

Everyone will need to take a sick day eventually. However, the people who are consistently too sick to work will run into even more problems down the line. Some individuals have relatively weak immune systems, and they’ll end up staying home from work frequently during flu season. However, in other cases, people might be getting sick because of problems with the workplace environment itself. Combating indoor allergens will help people stay healthier all year. A service like BRAVO! won’t just keep workplaces clean and presentable. It will help employees avoid getting sick in the first place.

Employee Illnesses and Allergens

Millions of people have allergies and problems with asthma. Indoor air quality problems can also affect the people who don’t have these specific medical conditions. One way or another, being in an environment that’s full of allergens can cause both short-term and long-term health consequences. Employees won’t be able to work as effectively when they’re able to work in the first place, and they’ll be absent more frequently. Something as simple as vacuuming can change all of that.

Indoor Allergens and Vacuuming

Indoor AllergensPeople might think that they’ll need high-quality air filtration systems in order to get rid of the allergens in the air, and companies might install devices like these. While air filtration systems can help, it’s also important to make sure that the building itself is vacuumed effectively on a regular basis. Pollen and similar allergens will often end up accumulating on the floor. These allergens won’t necessarily linger in the air.

Fortunately, efficient janitorial services like BRAVO! should be able to take care of all of these allergens. They’ll just need to work with the right vacuums on a regular basis.

There are vacuums that were specifically designed to help control the allergens that can aggravate allergies and cases of asthma. These vacuums will manage to clean both hard surfaces and carpeted surfaces easily. Janitorial services that use vacuums like these will automatically manage to make the workplace itself look very clean. That same workplace will be significantly safer for the people who have asthma and allergies. BRAVO! also has other ways of combating indoor allergens, since the maintenance of HVAC systems is part of the picture.

HVAC Systems and Indoor Allergens

Some workplaces have problems with indoor air quality because of issues with their HVAC systems. When HVAC systems aren’t cleaned regularly enough, allergens can actually accumulate within those systems. Employees might be inhaling these allergens as a result. This is often a problem with older HVAC systems. However, newer air conditioning and heating systems can still break down relatively quickly if they aren’t maintained. BRAVO! can help companies with this part of the process.

The companies that have air filtration systems will need to make sure that those systems are cleaned as well. A dirty air filtration system might just end up making things worse. BRAVO! can help keep a company’s electrical systems up-to-date, while making sure that the company’s premises are clean. Combating indoor allergens is important, and the strategies that BRAVO! will use in order to do so will have plenty of additional benefits.

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