How You Can Reduce Building Maintenance And Operations Costs

As an organization, you strive to increase profits to stay competitive in the market. When it comes to this, upper management usually turns to cutting down on operational expenses. Although building maintenance and repairs are an expected and unavoidable section of facility management, the costs that come with them can still be a lot.

You may be well within your budget when suddenly you realize that you need to purchase a new HVAC unit. This emergency sends you over the budget with the rest of the year still to go. Once you encounter a problem, you have no option but to deal with it immediately. Although there is no clear-cut way to go around this, here are four strategies you can help you to optimize building management at your organization to reduce maintenance and operation costs:

Automate preventive maintenance

Building MaintenancePreventative maintenance approaches, which are growing in popularity with facility managers, entail finding a problem before it happens and fixing it. By taking this proactive approach, many managers are achieving greater cost efficiency. However, this method does not get to complete all the maintenance projects because of lack of time and money. Many hours are spent looking for the data instead of doing the fixes.

Automating your preventive maintenance cycles in a facility management software provides you with timely, reliable, and accurate information. With so many processes to monitor, this management software will track all the necessary information allowing you to make data-driven plans. In the end, automation saves you money.

Updating your maintenance procedures

Maintenance procedures are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your maintenance activities. However, like all other things in your organization, they may need updating occasionally. Some steps in the walkthrough checklist may be redundant or repetitive.

You should try identifying the most critical steps and specifying them. You may also find that newer and more efficient procedures are available. Updating will help to reduce the time maintenance workers use on a project, which will save you money.

Reduce maintenance request response time

One of the best ways to display excellent customer service is by reducing the maintenance response time when something goes wrong. Showing the occupants that you care, gives them a reason to promote your business. One way to reduce the building maintenance response time is by shifting from paper-based work order systems to facility management systems.

Another way is by making sure you always have updated floor plans. These two methods ensure that each of your technicians knows precisely where they are needed saving on time spent going through files. Automation, in turn, saves on time and money.

Talking to the experts

Sometimes it is possible that you have tried all the strategies, but nothing seems to work. Consulting a professional mechanical services company like BRAVO! Might be the way to go. Having worked with many companies over the years, we are sure to find a way to save you money.

Our top-notch engineering team will conduct a comprehensive site study and use the information to design efficient and cost-effective systems specifically for your facilities. Factory technicians will later complete the installation to our golden standards.

Some of our other services include:

• Janitorial work

• Electrical work (Upgrades and installs)

• HVAC Maintenance, and much more.

If you are ready to get started reducing your building maintenance costs, contact us today to get a free quote.

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