Proper HVAC Service Can Keep Your Equipment Running Better All Summer Long

Clogged HVAC filters.

The technician will check for possibilities of clogged filters. Clogged HVAC filters will put your equipment in unneeded strain and eventually reduce its efficiency. Checking the A/C filters and furnaces and carrying out a replacement if needed, will significantly reduce the maintenance cost.

Clean Your Ducts

Duct system.

The duct system one of the vulnerable systems to clogs especially from allergens. Averagely, our homes do collect approximately 50 pounds of allergens every year. These allergens are contaminated, thus posing a threat in our respiratory systems. To minimize this, the technician will elevate the efficiency of the HVAC by heating and to air condition for about an hour.


The technician will thoroughly clean the parts of your equipment. These include; valves, filters, condenser coils, and drain valves. Changing your filters every month is another important thing. The technician helps you through this at least to make you have some technical knowhow. The cleaner the unit, the lesser the likelihood of breaking down and the higher the efficiency. This will be a great milage in saving your money to cool your premises.


Lubrication is critical in that every moving part is subjected to lubrication to prevent wear and tear. This process helps to extend the lifespan of the equipment and also improve its efficiency throughout the summer.

Test the electrical components.

Proper HVAC Service Can Keep Your Equipment Running Better All Summer LongAll the electrical components are tested accordingly. The parts to be given attention include; motors, blowers, shutoffs, fans, and connectors for safety and proper functionality.


The technician will check the coolant and charge if a need arises. This dramatically helps to reduce the frequency of breakdowns in your equipment.

Clean the fins.

The technician will cover and use the powerful brush attachments of vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt. By the help of the garden hose, the technician will spray the fins inside out to remove debris between the fins.

Straighten the fins.

Any interruption in the flow of the air reduces the efficiency of the whole equipment. The fins are carefully straightened by the help of a butter knife. When straightening the fins, a lot of care should be taken to avoid damaging the embedded tubing within the fins.

Clean the area around the equipment.

After the maintenance checks, the technician will rake all the leaves and debris back outside the unit to give an unobstructed airflow to the equipment. Anything covering the unit while operating is removed.

In conclusion, the most efficient way to maintain your HVAC in good working condition throughout the summer is by carrying periodic maintenance. The best gift to offer your machine is to give it the best service before using it. By doing so, you would have prolonged the life of your equipment as well as improving its efficiency.

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