A Dirty HVAC system Can Cause A Fire

Winter is here! Time to bring the fuzzy sweaters out of storage and put up the holiday decorations! And, of course, to turn on the heat to keep your business warm. There’s just one problem. When was the last time your dirty HVAC system was cleaned?

A Dirty HVAC system Can Cause A FireThroughout the year, dust and grit can settle in and around your HVAC system. The first time you turn the heater on, the system struggles to push hot air through the dirty HVAC filters. This heat builds up, especially if you try increasing the heat because the system doesn’t appear to be working. The heat buildup can cause your HVAC to break or malfunction, or even start a fire! These fires can quickly spiral out of control, causing significant injury and damage.

Fortunately, preventing this tragedy is quite easy with regular HVAC maintenance. BRAVO! Group Services provides comprehensive support solutions to businesses looking to keep their facilities well-maintained and in top condition. The company has an extensive history providing service to universities, hospitals, banks, and other large organizations.

BRAVO! understands the value of preventive maintenance, and that fixing a problem before it occurs is the best, most cost-effective solution. Not only can the company clean your dirty HVAC filters months before they’ll need to be used, they can provide a general consultation for how to optimize your business’ climate control system for maximum energy efficiency. Existing systems can be updated or retrofitted, or entirely new systems put in place depending on your unique needs.

And BRAVO! does much more than HVAC maintenance and installation. Experienced workers provide a variety of janitorial services to businesses in the commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors. BRAVO! also offers what other companies cannot – their unique GreenPath system. GreenPath focuses on Earth-friendly, environmentally sustainable practices and techniques to provide your business or building with a high standard of care while also being mindful of carbon impact. Each GreenPath plan is customized to each individual client, and can include helping your business attain LEED certification.

In keeping with their expertise in energy management and maintenance, BRAVO! also offers electrical services. The company wants your building operating at peak efficiency, and can design, install, and maintain systems to conserve maximum power, and thus cut down on your operating costs without risking service interruptions. BRAVO! can install other systems as well, including state of the art security and CCTV, fire alarms and building automation. Companies needing to upgrade their Internet networking systems, including installing fiber optics, can rely on BRAVO! to provide some of the best service in the industry. And if you don’t have the time to maintain a system, BRAVO! can handle that, too!

So as the weather cools down, make sure to include cleaning a dirty HVAC system as a part of your winterization routine, and remember that BRAVO! offers high-quality, efficient service for not just HVAC, but also your janitorial needs.

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