4 Tips To Prepare Your Facility For Fall & Winter

With the colder months arriving shortly, it is important to prepare your facility before they arrive. The cold weather can disrupt your facility with inconveniences if they are not taken care of in advance as some services are more difficult to complete during winter.

Clean All of the Surfaces

4 Tips To Prepare Your Facility For Fall & WinterAll surfaces are filled with germs and bacteria because of all of the use they receive. Thoroughly cleaning these surfaces will eliminate the accumulation of more germs. Carpet and computer room cleaning, food service sanitation, hard surface floor care, restroom sanitation, window cleaning, and upholstery cleaning are a few of the necessary cleaning services a facility should have done. Desks and doorknobs carry much bacteria and cleaning them is a simple way to keep everyone healthy. Ceiling vents and fans should not be ignored as they carry plenty of dust.

Cleaning the windows from the inside out can allow more sunlight to shine through them, boosting the mood of employees. Aside from physically eliminating germs to fight sickness in your facility, sunlight will give employees a vitamin D boost that will help protect them from flu-like symptoms and other discomforts.

Floors Should be Cleaned and Protected

Whether it’s a rug or a wood floor, floors can become extremely dirty. Shoes track stains and dirty floors can become a safety hazard especially if there is carpet. The bacteria and possible chemicals can sink into the carpet causing it damage that may be irreversible.

Mopping the floors daily will assist with maintaining its appearance and vacuuming will keep the floors clean from dirt and bacteria especially if the carpet is extended to the front of the facility. During Winter when ice melting salt is sprinkled onto the roads, it’s likely that it will get caught underneath shoes and then brought into the facility. The salt can leave chalky stains that should be cleaned.

Upgrades and Installs

With the cold weather comes potential power outages and system failures. Making sure your energy network is running on time and on budget, checking security systems, and installing a surveillance system can ensure you won’t have to lose time at the office running your business to take care of your facility’s energy efficiency. You’ll want to make sure there is adequate lighting throughout the facility as well with fresh bulbs.

For additional safety, you’ll want to make sure the fire alarm system is running properly, and BRAVO! can complete all of these tasks.

HVAC Maintenance

Known to gather allergens and pathogens, it’s a good idea to get your system cleaned. If it’s not cleaned, it inhibits proper air circulation. Those in the facility will be able to breathe better and the clean air will inhibit any illnesses or germs that could spread through the air.

When the weather becomes brisk it’s important to have an efficient heating system to keep your facility warm as well.

BRAVO! can take care of your facility needs from janitorial work to HVAC work and much more. Contact us today to schedule maintenance before Fall and Winter!

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