prep your Facility For Winter

How to Prep Your Facility for Winter

With winter looming, it is time to wrap up your maintenance strategy for the coming cold weather and prep your Facility For Winter. No matter the climate or area you live in, winter is coming. Colder temperatures come with landscape challenges brought about by snow and ice. The simple fact is that professional managers earn a living by performing and anticipating, not making excuses when the cold weather comes in hard.

Buildings in some locations might only need to focus on HVAC and IAQ, while others need to get out ready inside and out. However, waiting to device a winter maintenance plan when on the first sightings of snow is a mistake. A facility that well prepares for winter is in a better position safety and maintenance wise. Implement these five essential tips to avoid unpleasant and expensive situations:

Make a Plan Before Winter

prep your Facility For WinterBefore the first sighting of the snow is the best to prepare and make adjustments to welcome the snow and ice. Since most of the landscape professionals are booked, you should schedule and plan a walkthrough in the fall. Proper preparation is crucial to avoiding last minute emergencies in your facility. A good walkthrough should include:

  • Full inspection of the roofs
  • Reevaluation of reset of your BAS Software Parameters as appropriate
  • An energy audit
  • A complete system check of all the HVAC and plumbing systems
  • Evaluation, maintenance and repair procedures

Prepare the Landscape

The landscape of your facility is just as important as the interior. During winter, trees and plants can take much damage from the cold temperatures. Watering trees and plants before the ground freezes is advisable. This process helps the flora to have access to water throughout winter. Adding about three inches of mulch will ensure that your plants are protected from the icy winds.

Decide Where the Snow should go

During winter, snow can be collected in designated places or hauled away. If snow builds up in your facility, it can block drivers and pedestrian walkways and even damage a healthy lawn. A good manager makes sure that the snow is placed in remote areas of the facility to ensure healthy lawns come spring.

Choose Your Contractor’s Arrival Date

Aspects like location and weather may determine the best winter practices for your facility. These factors can decide when and how often snow is removed from your roof. Some contracts may schedule minutes regularly, while others depend on the number of inches of snowfall. When prepping your facility for winter, you should consider removing snow from walkways and parking lots, as well.

Make Observations Each Year

Taking notes of the best practices during winter will help with the winter preparations for the next year. When prepping your facility for winter, make sure to take notes on drainage, freezing, snow piles, and removals. You can use these observations to discuss plans with a snow contractor in the coming years.

Adjust Janitorial Services as Needed

As the seasons change, so does your janitorial needs. Make sure to meet with your janitorial team before winter starts to discuss what changes should be made. You need to know how these changes will affect your budget and staffing needs and how to implement the changes. When everyone agrees, there is more transparency around your building maintenance.

Where to go to Prep Your Facility For Winter

At BRAVO! Group Services we are dedicated to the small and big stuff, so you have a smooth winter. From janitorial work to electrical work and HVAC maintenance, we have you covered this coming winter. Contact us today to get your quotation.

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