Commercial HVAC service is essential for business managers and owners who want to achieve high levels of productivity.

We all want our commercial space to run as effectively as possible. However, most business owners do not realize that for that to happen, it is crucial to ensure the HVAC system is operating at peak. In case there is a malfunction in your HVAC system, then your facility or office can quickly become unusable before you know it. That is why it is always good to take a proactive approach with commercial HVAC maintenance from BRAVO! When you do so, you make serious problems less likely to happen. You will experience less wear and tear and therefore save on cost. However, how do you know you need a commercial HVAC service? The following are some of the signs;

When noise disrupts the workers

Commercial HVAC serviceIf your premises have an air conditioner and furnace that needs repair of tuning, it will often make disruptive noises like clunking, buzzing and humming. This is not the ideal working environment for your employees and can prevent them from working efficiently. It also can disturb visiting clients and vendors, if any. Hiring an HVAC professional from BRAVO! enables them to diagnose the problem early enough, then fix it before it becomes troublesome.

Fluctuating temperatures throughout the building

If your employees start complaining about rooms being too stuffy or cold, there may be a problem with the zone control. The trouble with zone dampers and thermostats is a common problem with commercial HVAC systems. This is because most business systems are naturally bigger than residential ones and require multiple thermostats for controlling different areas. As such, if you notice there is a room that is too cold or hot, you should call for commercial HVAC repair.

Increased utility bills

Usually, commercial utility bills tend to run quite high. However, if you notice an unexpected spike at some point, especially in the power bills, it may indicate there is a problem in your heating and cooling systems. Make sure you ask for help from BRAVO! to check out the water pipes, air conditioners, and furnace. Remember that a furnace has a lifetime of approximately 10years. Before then, if it has an issue, it is because it needs some maintenance.

Presence of strange smells

Sometimes you may notice that your office or commercial property smells moldy or musty like something is burning. At such times it is always good to call a commercial HVAC expert to look at the problem. In most cases, musty and moldy smells are a sign that there are leaks or breaks along the ventilation system. They should be sealed immediately to prevent the problem from getting worse. If there is a burning smell, then there could be motor or electrical problems inside the unit that needs quick attention.
Your business greatly depends on the environment for enhanced productivity among workers. Air conditioning has to be on point to avoid inconveniencing the employees. You ought to make use of commercial HVAC services from BRAVO! for quality work. Do not wait until its too late and end up spending much more on purchasing a new HVAC system.

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