Oklahoma City Is Attractive For New Business

The reason for Oklahoma City 2.6-percent population growth is the energy sector, Tinker Air Force Base, the primary repair and maintenance facility for the U.S. Air Force. The vision for the city is to bring to collaborate all great minds for world-changing results. Oklahoma City is the home to international organizations spanning the city’s diverse sectors, health, energy, aerospace, academia, technology, research, and more. Oklahoma City provides opportunities for innovation, entrepreneurship, and community growth.

This Is A Great Place To Do Business

Oklahoma City Is Attractive For New BusinessAccording to the city’s resident satisfaction carried out on 23rd October 2019, 9 out of 10 residents think that the city is a “good” or “excellent” place to live in. SW OKC was also ranked among the top completed industrial towns in the U.S. More than 2.8 million square feet of industrial park has been completed and ready for investors. On a report released on 16th October 2019, OKC was ranked as the most comfortable and most accessible place to do business in North America. The report put a variety of factors into considerations like low taxes, employing workers, and ease of property registration. The city was also ranked with the lowest retail energy rates in the U.S. This was according to a report conducted by S&P Global Market, which looked at commercial, residential, and industrial electricity rates across U.S. Glassdoor found the city has the number 15 in high job satisfaction. They used factors such as salaries, job satisfaction, and home values.

Oklahoma City is Business Friendly

Oklahoma City has the second-lowest corporate and property income taxes per capita. In a report released on 29th January 2019 by Demographia, the city is the third most affordable city among 309 cities in 8 countries across 4 continents. Oklahoma is the home to the top ten parks in the United States. The parks include the Boston Commons, Central Park, and the National Mall. BusinessStudent.com also lanked the city has the number 3 places for business people to work and live in. With its overall quality of life, the city is ranked as the best place for retired vets. Thanks to high wages, low cost of living, low unemployment, and millennial workforce percentages, the city is ranked as one of the country’s best cities for job seeking. For four consecutive years, the city was found to have the best unemployment insurance tax structure. Oklahoma City is the home to the top 5 youngest entrepreneurs, according to Lending Tree.

Most investors choose to start their business in Oklahoma City thanks to things like a largely millennial workforce, more networking opportunities, low cost of living, and a healthy business environment. At BRAVO, we are dedicated to ensuring your business runs well by offering facility management services. If you hire our facility management services, you are guaranteed of reduced costs of operations, improved efficiency, elimination waste in your production, enhanced operations, Boost Productivity, and foster health. We offer services ranging from mechanical, maintenance, and operating engineers, sustainable janitorial services and building automation services. Contact us today at 732-465-0707 or visit our website at bravogroupservices.com and we will help you take your Oklahoma business to the next level.

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