The Facility Management Guide To Saving Money

The Facility Management Guide For Saving Capital

The high cost of maintenance, utilities, heating & cooling, lighting, and other expenses make facility management one of the most important investments for any business. Raising price or increasing the company’s production is one way of covering the ever-rising facility management cost, but these strategies are not always realistic and practical. The following are the most effective facility management tips for saving money:

Preventive maintenance

The Facility Management Guide To Saving MoneyEvery facility should have a detailed asset register, which lists all the assets and which require repair and maintenance. Based on the register, you can decide which assets critically needs repair and maintenance according to the business core mission. Times inspection will help detect minor defects that, if left, would turn into significant problems. Asset maintenance and management are essential to increase the efficiency of a company and ensure optimal performance.

Use facilities management software

Also known as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) automates tasks hence helping you make better decisions and access to information. Some CMMS can be customized to only include models that the company needs and can also be implemented in stages so that it can grow with your business. The following are functions of CMMS:

• Maintenance Management
• Space Planning
• Lease Administration
• Asset Management
• Capital project and program management
• Environmental sustainability and energy performance analysis


A company should have a savings account to address maintenance costs proactively. When maintenance is delayed, it may cost the company more. To properly manage your companies facility, you should save enough to cater to any emergencies to avoid delay in production due to break downs of machines. You can also save by cutting down energy costs. This can be achieved by switching off lighting at night and also by involving the safe to save energy, to name a few.

Use IoT and IoT analytics

IoT will help track company stuff. Using the right data, you can automate facility maintenance. For example, HVAC, lighting, etc. This will help manage the budget, increase energy efficiency, and improve cost-effective for facility management. The installation of smart meters in the facility will reduce site visits by technicians who need money and time. Data can be remotely collected, which can be used to optimize and regulate energy consumption. Also, automatic turning off of appliances when in use will help save a lot and prolong its lifespan.

Streamline and standardize

The facility systems should work together on a single BMS for simpler monitoring, and this will reduce facilities staff involvement. The appliances should be under a single contract for maintenance. Standardize the companies facility to ensure the staff become experts and professionals to save cost based on their productivity and their ability.

Contact A HVAC facility management company

If you need help in your facility, BRAVO is the leader in HVAC maintenance. We have provided management assistance and advice to thousands of successful HVAC related businesses. Our services include janitorial work, electrical work (upgrades and installs), and HVAC maintenance. If you want to learn how BRAVO can provide your company with facility management expertise, contact us today at 1-866-OH-BRAVO. Our regular testing, inspection, and maintenance will keep your appliances operating properly, minimizing energy use.

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