4 Reasons To Have Your HVAC Checked Before Spring

Snow and ice don’t just wear and tear the exterior of your building. Winter weather can wreak havoc on your HVAC system, too. If you’re managing a commercial or office building that requires year-round temperature control, now is the time to have your HVAC checked, before Spring becomes Summer. BRAVO! Services has years of experience working with many different types of heating and cooling equipment, from individual P-TACs to large, full building systems. Get ready for Spring before the snow melts – you’ll be glad you did!

Have Your HVAC checked before SpringHave your HVAC checked for cleanliness

Preparation on your part can easily prevent an emergency later on when temperatures are soaring. Help ensure that your AC units are full and working correctly, with new filters and clean ducts. Winter months mean lots of re-circulated air, so changing your filter and cleaning the ducts in your HVAC system will keep your air fresh, and remove all the dust that’s built up. Even if you’ve had a mild winter, it’s always best to have your HVAC checked before you switch over from heating to cooling. Your filters should be new; spring air is full of pollen, and you want to make sure your filters are able to catch as much as possible.

Schedule a tune-up to make sure your unit is working

If your air conditioner hasn’t been turned on for months, then making sure that all the parts are ready to go before the warmer months hit is just smart preventative maintenance. When you choose an expert HVAC technician from BRAVO! Services, you’ll not only have someone who can troubleshoot your HVAC, but also a certified expert who can fix any problems, right on the spot.

Increase the life of your unit

Regular cleaning and service, including ensuring that all parts are working and chemical levels correct, will increase the life of your HVAC system. Instead of waiting to fix a unit until it breaks, replacing parts as they become worn prevents costly repairs. Keeping your unit working as a smooth machine prevents wear and tear on other pieces of the machinery. When all the parts of your HVAC are working correctly, and are in good condition, you can use less energy and reduce emergency service calls.

Prevent costly emergencies

Filling your refrigerant on a regular basis, even if it’s not completely empty, can help keep your unit working smoothly. A routine preventative maintenance visit may not cost much or take up much time. But if your refrigerant runs out, then your compressor may quit working. That’s not a cheap or easy fix. You may even end up with lost time in an office building or lost sales in a store if this happens during a summer heatwave. Err on the side of caution and have an expert technician from BRAVO! Services check your HVAC unit in the Spring.

We know you have choices for HVAC services. When it’s time to have a Spring tune-up, trust the experienced, bonded professionals of BRAVO! Services to have your HVAC checked. We treat your building with the same attention to detail and careful service we would our own homes.