4 Ways Smart Building Technology Can Change Your Facility

Technology is changing everything.  But many of us are weary of smart building technology.  Why do we need it? What good is it? We have been doing business in dumb buildings for years, what are the benefits to switching?

I own a 1966 sports car.  It has a speedometer, tachometer, gas gauge, oil gauge and engine temperature gauge.  That was probably smart for 1966.  Most cars I have owned in my life had a similar cluster of gauges.  It worked quite well.  Was there a need for more smart technology? Well, my car now still has all of that.  But, it also tells me the mpg I am getting, my tire pressure,  how good my oil is, where I am, where I am going and it even warns me if I get too close to something.  Some cars do far more.  

I must say, being able to monitor my mpg allows me to travel more efficiently. It also allows me to catch a problem before it becomes major.  If I am getting a low mpg, maybe I need to check my tire pressure, or my oil.  I can see those without getting out of my car.  Seeing my tire pressure can help me see a leak before it leaves me on the side of the road with a flat.  Having on board GPS helps me get where I am going easier and faster.  The same can be said of smart building technology. 

What is Smart Building Technology?

smart building technologyIn its simplest form, smart building technology is a network of sensors, meters, appliances and other devices that are capable of sending and receiving data, automating some chores, and delivering actionable data based on their readings.  For example, smart building technology can monitor occupancy levels of a room and adjust lighting and HVAC levels based on that information, or adjust ventilation based on CO2 levels, and lighting color temperature based on time of day.  

Smart building technology can also provide real time monitoring of equipment and utility usage allowing you to better schedule maintenance and provide the maintenance team with more actionable information.  Being able to see that one piece of equipment is drawing more power then identical pieces of equipment, or that a piece of equipments power usage has changed over time can be an easy way to detect failing components before you have a catastrophic failure.  Likewise, a sudden drop in energy usage from the lighting in a certain area can be a sign that one or more light bulbs have burnt out.  

Why Use Smart Building Technology?

Smart building technology will lower your energy consumption and repair costs.  So, if you are planning to upgrade your lighting, electrical, security or HVAC systems, upgrading them to a smart system should be an easy choice because they will pay for themselves.

Contact BRAVO! Group Services if your are looking to upgrade your facility and let us go over with you some of the smart building technology that you can incorporate into your facility to help you run a more informed and more efficient building.