Adjustable Lighting Can Increase Worker Productivity

Does your business need HVAC maintenance or janitorial services? Or even innovative lighting solutions? BRAVO! has all of this and more, with cost-saving solutions. Innovative solutions are BRAVO!’s key. They seek to offer a variety of services at high-quality, cost-effective rates that allow all of your business’ needs to be met at one place. BRAVO! is always looking for the next upgrade in the workplace, and by offering adjustable lighting, your business can have the latest upgrades too. A recent DOE-sponsored study showed that adjustable lighting has positive effects on different levels of working and learning. A school in Carrollton, Texas, switched from fluorescent lighting to tunable LED lighting for the study, and noticed some interesting changes.

Adjustable Lighting Can Increase Worker ProductivityOnce the installation was complete, the teachers were able to tune the light and adjust it’s temperature for different styles of work such as: reading, testing, general and energy. They had feedback from the classroom immediately. The students seemed to respond positively to being able to request changes in the light, once they were used to the concept. One teacher reported that the students quickly learned which lighting was intended for what activity. This gave them the chance to settle down and prepare for the different stages in class organically. Adjustable lighting is a cost-effective solution for a facility upgrade. Some form of control over the lighting really seemed to cultivate more communication and interaction between the study’s teachers and students. Overall, tuning the lighting seemed to increase workplace productivity. Installing adjustable lighting into any business can prove to be beneficial.

The preset color temperatures in the adjustable LED lighting consists of: 3000K (reading), 3500K (testing), 4200K (general), and 5000K (energy). These temperatures can translate into the different aspects of a facility’s daily needs as well. The study noted the teachers tended to keep the lighting settings at 4200K most of the time, indicating that the general setting indeed assists in the general workday. The most important thing the teachers noticed was that the students connected to the classrooms in a new way. They were getting in touch with their environment, and with the teacher. Connection and integration to a space are keys to increased workflow productivity.

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