Better Indoor Air Quality Comes From Vacuuming Your Office

Ensuring indoor air quality in a commercial premise is essential to reduce cases of allergies and respiratory disorders. A survey by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency revealed that a lot of Americans tend to spend more than 90% of their time within room enclosures which makes them more susceptible to particulate matter in the air. In fact, the indoor air can be seven times more polluted than the outdoor air; a situation which calls for scheduled vacuuming.

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indoor air quality

If you consider the harm caused by the air that a person inhales indoors, there is a great need to ensure that it is safe and free from particles like soot, pollen grains, dust, paper dust, spores, and other natural toxic elements like arsenic and antimony. Human activities have led to desertification and poor agricultural practices which disintegrates soil particles that find their way inside our offices.

Improving indoor air quality requires the adoption of the best vacuuming and floor-cleaning practices. In the long run, you’ll reduce absenteeism whilst enhancing the quality of life and productivity of employees.

Have a Cleaning Routine

It is critical to develop a guide or cleaning schedule for rooms or areas that receive the heaviest traffic so you can factor them first in your priority list. For a carpet flooring, ensure the carpet undergoes cleaning at least two times per year and thoroughly dried to eliminate moisture that offers perfect conditions for mold growth. Additionally, replace the carpet as recommended by the manufacturer and proper maintenance of equipment for apt functioning.

Use the Appropriate Vacuuming Methods

The technique you use for vacuuming may make all the difference. When vacuuming the floor and other surfaces, ensure you slowly pass the vacuum cleaner back and forth. Areas receiving many footprints should be cleaned at least twice a week. Instead of using a wet cloth or towel for removing dust, use a vacuum cleaner as it prevents the spread of dry dirt into the air.

Select the Right Vacuuming Equipment

Different places call for different cleaning tools. Use hard-surface cleaners to remove dirt in areas with low accessibility. However, for the best results, use a HEPA vacuum cleaner whose filtration can drastically reduce allergens in the air. HEPA filtration is ideal for cleaning indoor air and helps prevent allergies and help asthmatic individuals to breathe clean air.

A HEPA vacuum cleaner eliminates more than 99.97% of allergens of microscopic size (0.0 microns). Among HEPA cleaners are vacuum filters, single-use dust bags and other sealed systems that provide cleaner air through HEPA exhaust filtration system.

It is essential to understand that HEPA filters come at an additional cost and utilize a replaceable filtration medium. For facilities with low financial powers can purchase a backpack vacuum cleaner with four filtration levels. Such a piece of equipment removes 99.9% of particles. Besides, they have a low maintenance cost as they need no filter replacements as a HEPA filter.