At BRAVO! we are committed to utilizing the very latest technology throughout our organization, from work order tracking and employee training to the very latest in cleaning and safety advancements. Below is just a sampling of the innovative tools and processes we employ on a daily basis to keep our offerings efficient and your work place the cleanest and most hygienic environment possible.

CleanTelligent software is the key to continuous monitoring, reporting and improvement of your facility on an on-going, real-time basis. It takes our quality control capabilities to a new level.

MyBRAVO! is our unique on-demand training program for employees that keeps them up-to-date on the very latest in efficiency and safety techniques, tools and protocols to keep your environment spotless and hygienic.

eHub is the BRAVO! employee portal where everyone throughout our system has access to industry and company tools, information and where we stay in constant communication with our teams in the field.

Hygiena ATP Cleaning Verification System is the ultimate in testing and verification of microbial contamination, and gives you assurance that even the most sterile of environments have been thoroughly verified scientifically.

Paperless E-Proposal is our cloud-based proposal system that takes you from initial request to proposal and, ultimately, putting our advanced services to work for you as efficient and streamlined as possible.

Orbio® os3 is the latest in compact yet powerful all-in-one cleaning and disinfecting solution that creates a safe environment everywhere from offices and schools to demanding healthcare facilities.