Consolidated Facility Maintenance Can Be Your Ace in the Hole

Running a business is a constant challenge. There are always vendors to deal with, supplies to price, staff to wrangle… If you want to save some time and headaches, you should consider consolidated facility maintenance. Reducing the number of vendors you use to keep your facility running can save you time, and stress.

Consolidated Facility Maintenance reduces costs

When you use one vendor to, like BRAVO! Group Services, to handle your facility maintenance, you benefit from the “bundle effect”. A vendor will usually give a bigger discount when they know they will be consistently doing more work for you. Consolidating your facility maintenance vendors also reduces administrative costs. You don’t have to waste time remembering what vendor does what, and you aren’t paying a percentage to 10 different vendor receptionists.

Another way consolidated facility maintenance can save you money is by having the same vendor staff member service multiple needs. The electrician that comes in to repair a burnt out outlet, and also check your breakers, and make sure you are not overloading your circuits. 

Increased Supplier Responsiveness

Consolidated Facility MaintenanceIf you are using one vendor to handle all or most of your facility maintenance, you become a more important customer for them. That one vendor will go out of their way to keep you a happy customer, and you will see more responsiveness out of them. 

Using one vendor builds a collaborative relationship with that vendor. They become a part of your team, and that comes through in more ways then one.

Reduced Risks 

Having a lot of different vendors can open you up to a lot of risks. Many vendors come in after hours and therefore have their own access to your facility. Reducing that access to one vendor really can reduce issues in the long run. Using one vendor also allows that vendor the ability to learn the specifics of your facility and your needs. This collaborative relationship you build with your vendor also reduces risks by familiarity as using the same vendor allows them to be more familiar with your facility.

Outsourcing cleaning to a vendor also has the added benefit of having that vendor responsable for the latest training and safety protocols for the cleaning industry. When you consolidate facility maintenance to one vendor, you can be sure that not only the regular cleaning crew, but also the floor specialists, the HVAC maintenance team, the electrical team and many more all have that same level of training and expertise to make sure everything is done safely and to the latest industry standards.

At BRAVO! Group Services, we like to think of ourselves as part of your team. We offer consistent, top level service to our clients because when you succeed, we succeed. We can help you reduce the stress involved with the day to maintenance of your building by providing a one call does all solution. And when you need to upgrade your building with broadband infrastructure, larger HVAC units, higher capacity breaker boxes, or just about anything else, we will already know what your business needs, and be able to implement it at a great price in a record time. So consolidate your facility maintenance with one simple call to BRAVO! Group Services and let us be a part of your team.