Facility Upgrades To Improve Security

Security has become a very important issue that most companies, institutions and residential areas are beginning to take seriously. Most companies would spend fortunes to make sure they are secure. Security can be a physical aspect like installing cameras, lights or it can be in the internet. Either way security keeps changing and improving or it is crucial that facilities, companies and institutions keep up with the change. At BRAVO! We ensure that your security features are constantly up to date and function as they should. Security measures take a broad spectrum and below are a few of such upgrades:

Lock Down

The first most important upgrade any facility should have is a new and improved lock down system that ensures places like hospital, companies and schools can have building lock downs in case of any sudden dangers. Such lock down systems should ensure that all major entry areas are shut down immediately until the danger is over.

Modernize Technology

Facilities should ensure that their security system is always upgraded with the ever changing technology. Most facilities ensure there is a regular security system upgrade and a vulnerability assessments even when there is no threat. Any system that is installed should be able to accommodate or be compatible with the change in technology. Constant upgrade will ensure that the risk of breach in your security system is greatly reduced. There should be a constant update of software and hardware.

Using Subsystems for all Remote areas

Remote areas like office doors, parking lots and storage areas should use subsystem gateways to save on cost because they are high risk areas. Such systems use an IP network that will extend the main security systems to such areas.

Use of Badges

Schools, companies and facilities have increased the use of badges to get into the premises. Such badges are an identification to prove that you are authorized to be in that area. The badges include a photo of the holder, their personal information and different background colors to distinguish the different levels of security clearance. This technology includes proof of counterfeit microprint authentication or technology referred to as RFID.

Facility Upgrades: SecurityInstallation of CCTV Cameras

Installation of CCTV cameras is very important as it ensures that the facility is monitored closely 24/7. The mistake that some facilities make however is installing a lot of cameras and not making sure there is enough security personnel to monitor them. The cameras can be upgraded by incorporating systems for intrusion detection. Such a system should be network based and should include motion, acoustical, infrared, vibration detectors, alarms and heat activation sensors. For them to be completely effective there should also be a quick response team.

Regular Security risk Assessments

Every facility should have properly considered and implemented security policies, technologies and programs. It is a very common mistake that many facilities make to assume that a single policy or technology can comprehensively take care of all security requirements. Multiple technologies and systems should be integrated to provide a stable a well rounded security system. Facilities should therefore ensure they get a team that will identify which assets need protection, the criticality of the situation and assess it in regard to infrastructure and human resource. The assessment team should ensure that all security systems are incorruptible and well protected from all possible threats.