How Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Gives Your Clients The Proper First Impression

It takes the first five seconds for a client to form a first impression of your business. We all wish that they would base the judgment on our portfolio and experience. But studies show that the impression is shaped on what they see and hear within the few seconds.

What first impression are you creating?

Regular cleaning does well to keep office equipment available and usable. It removes dust, germs, and mud from your client’s sharp eye. However, you need to do more. Combining regular cleaning with scheduled preventative maintenance saves you valuable time and money. And most importantly enhances your clients’ first impression.

It is counterproductive to invest so much is producing quality products, packaging, marketing, and attracting clients to do business with you, only for a poorly maintained elevator, floor, or furniture to spoil your chances.

A lot could go wrong with poorly maintained office equipment and services. Your client will most likely consult at the reception and notice cracks in the edges, see unsightly patches on tiles, and walls, and walk away holding the bathroom doorknob because it came off.

What to maintain

cheduled Preventative Maintenance Gives Your Clients The Proper First ImpressionRather than wait for equipment to break down and call a cleaning team to “reactively” repair the issue. Scheduled Preventive Maintenance saves you valuable time and money by allowing you to check the condition of your equipment to identify issues while they are still working.

Every surface in the office that’s worth cleaning also deserves scheduled preventative maintenance to keep it in optimum condition. Here, we are talking about computers, roofs, walls, vehicles, floors, furniture, electronics, and other office equipment.

When you work with a large team, the actions of each person are crucial to the company’s overall performance. Maintaining each piece of equipment, each surface, to avoid interruptions is critical.

Adds to Room Comfort

You want to mold your client’s first impression of the company starting with the welcoming handshake at the door to the couch in the lounge, and the brochure in their hands. Well-maintained surfaces enhance the impression by telling them that everything they touch is clean and safe for their use. This way, they’re comfortable turning the pages in the file. And you can hold business discussions with more ease.

Makes everything look nice

Maintenance means that a cleaning service notices what is out of place, what needs to move, and what needs another coat of paint. Clients come to find uncluttered office spaces, easy-to-access parking areas, slick, and clean restrooms. All of which will reflect on the cheque they leave behind.

Maintain Floors that Speak Volumes

Clients will seldom stop to express how clean and tidy your floor is. But the surface beneath their feet plays a major role in forming a perception of how clean, organized, and efficient a company is. Everyone wants to do business with a company that has its house in order.

Dull scuffed floors communicate a lack of cleanliness and professionalism. Although a daily cleaning program will keep the clients sufficiently happy with your floors, scheduled preventative maintenance will keep them satisfied for longer.

BRAVO! Group Services is your one-stop shop for scheduled preventative maintenance services. Truckmount steam cleaning technology enables deep thorough cleaning. Water extraction services involve removing any water trapped on ceramic, wood, concrete, or linoleum floors. Cleaning, using a dehumidifier to get rid of moisture, and waxing, stripping or buffing the surfaces to maintain the floor in its original shapes and color.

Setting up a time or use-based scheduled preventative maintenance program is an effective way to create a proper first impression. In addition to telling clients that your house is in order, properly maintained surfaces help them feel comfortable and boost their confidence in your business.