How Technology Can Improve Maintenance Operations

The benefits of using machine inter-connectivity in all parts of manufacturing operations especially maintenance of equipment is the reason why savvy manufacturers have implemented technology in their operations. Interestingly, the implementation process of IIoT is not as complex as its sounds and its benefits are astonishing.

Equipment with 1-2 sensors can be connected and provide facility managers with credible feedback for actionable analysis. How does IIoT improve maintenance operations?

Capability to use cycle times and runtime

Improve Maintenance OperationsAlthough calendar based strategies can be used to schedule preventative maintenance, they are not as efficient as IIoT because they don’t relate with the machining equipment’s use directly. For example, there is a difference in wear and usage for equipment that is used for a different number of shifts in certain months. In such situations, it is more effective to use cycle times to maintain that particular equipment each time. Cloud-based solutions cut out unnecessary preventative maintenance by allowing automatic monitoring of cycles. It helps maintenance managers avoid conducting corrective approaches and determine an effective maintenance strategy.

Facilitating effective equipment maintenance

You can use IIoT to track the overall health of your equipment and its components such as coolant flow, temperature, and vibration to identify changes within the equipment. Tracking the operating factors of different equipment allows preventative maintenance practices to be turned into effective predictive maintenance for more successful operations. Maintenance professionals will know where to focus when certain factors keep causing the same problems on particular equipment over time. Automation enables maintenance technicians to place work orders as soon as early warning signs start to show rather than waiting until after a malfunction.

Capability to establish and transmit codes for certain failures

To fix a specific problem, IIoT uses codes for specific failures in the communication stream of the connected machines allowing the creation of more accurate work orders. The error code communicated enables maintenance technicians to prepare on how to tackle a problem with the right parts in hand before arriving on site. Therefore, transmission of codes can eliminate the need to counter-check every equipment before creating work orders and save a lot of time. While IIoT is not capable of preventing all unplanned breakdowns and downtime, the integration can seamlessly eliminate preventative issues.

Capability to improve data and analysis

You can tremendously decrease unplanned downtime if you implement an automated system of capturing data and detecting warnings earlier enough to prevent equipment failures. Also, analysis of the collected data will guide maintenance professionals on where improvement opportunities should be made. Unless there is a clear trend that calls for removing the equipment from service for restoration, you don’t have to do that with a reliable IIoT in place. Capturing and analyzing data in real-time will allow maintenance managers to develop better maintenance strategies for more efficient operations.

BRAVO! provides you with time-tested technology that is rooted in solid strategies that businesses have relied on for years. Invest in a technology that enables your company to make data-based decisions, monitor trends for different equipment and apply maintenance operations proactively rather than reactively to boost productivity.