How To Outsource Your Preventative maintenance Program And Become More Efficient

Preventative maintenance Program is work performed on a regular basis to minimize the chances of equipment failure that cause costly unscheduled downtime. It is carried out when the computer is still in good working condition. Its implementation involves facility data updating and recording, auditing and inspecting, and budgeting and planning.

Preventative maintenance ProgramTo create an efficient and effective preventative maintenance program, decide which assets should go first on the schedule, gather necessary information, create the initial preventive maintenance plan, track and adjust it. Your preventive maintenance program should be expanded to all assets.
Outsourcing preventive maintenance staff saves your company time and money. This is because the staff members are vetted, hired and trained by the maintenance company thus you only need to pay them for their services. Outsourcing, therefore, is a strategy to reduce expenses make timely deliveries at the least possible cost. Outsourcing reduces uncertainties, ensures a maintenance plan that flexes with significant business changes, eliminates hidden waste in the organization and increases the ability to produce real value within the first year.

Preventive maintenance also ensures prolonged life for your equipment, maximizes efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and improves safety and reliability. Outsourcing contracts should focus on improved maintenance performance apart from cost reduction. This practice can be done on many levels. The most common may include outsourcing the whole maintenance function, outsourcing during scheduled shutdowns and outages, outsourcing special skills, outsourcing equipment or a system function and outsourcing spare parts store.

What to consider when outsourcing your preventive maintenance program

Reliability focus: This will lower maintenance costs. Reliability involves doing better with what you already have such as performing better necessary inspections, planning of work, scheduling work, and effective monitoring of tools. It can be achieved with reasonable cost, ethical leadership, training, and coaching.

Cost focus: You should ensure maximum results are achieved amidst lowering the costs. This is because some service providers may focus on selling their incentives in for, of hours without considering the results obtained.

A balance between reliability and cost incentives: The parties involved have to ensure a balance between the two. However, reliability should come first.

Obstacles: Sometimes it is challenging to build true partnerships between engineering and operations-stores-maintenance. It is also testing to get modifications to improve maintainability and reliability thus stores need to support the maintenance function in the staging and delivery of parts.

To lower maintenance costs, you should cut the budget, execute maintenance prevention well and execute remaining maintenance with excellence. Outsourcing maintenance programs ensure staffing flexibility to utilize specialized services, expertise, quality also releases management from responsibility concerning personnel issues such as grievances, disciplinary, and actions. Besides, the company is well-versed in the usage of the most current technology.

Why outsource preventive maintenance program

At BRAVO! outsourcing preventive maintenance is done to improve our client’s company focus, gain access to world-class capabilities, reduce and control operating costs and to maximize the use of external resources. Our experts are committed to streamline efficiency for time-consuming functions and most importantly, allow management to concentrate on their core proficiency.