How To Prepare Your Commercial HVAC for the Coming Fall Season

With the cooler season here, its time to think about how to get your commercial HVAC ready for the fall weather. There are many things to consider, but if done in an efficient manner, can have your commercial HVAC ready to go for the fall. Here are some things to consider when thinking of how to prepare your commercial HVAC for the coming fall season.

Get Your Leaks Sealed

One way to get your HVAC ready for fall is to get any leaks sealed. Drafts during the colder months can make it too cold and overwork your HVAC. Make sure windows and doors are sealed well. The maintenance crew at BRAVO! would be happy to check for any leaks you may have.

New Filters

How To Prepare Your Commercial HVAC for the Coming Fall SeasonHaving new filters installed is also a good idea for the fall months. Your humidifier, air conditioner, and furnace filters all should be checked and replaced. Keep the quality of your indoor air is a must with the windows and doors closed this time of year, so keep up with replacing filters or have someone from BRAVO! come out and checking your filters.

Get Your Furnace Checked

Getting your furnace checked periodically can save you money in the long run. Having one of BRAVO!’s specialists come out to inspect your furnace can prevent costly fixes in the future. You don’t want the furnace to unexpectedly break when the temperatures get below freezing. Our specialists will be happy to inspect and clean all parts of your furnace for you.

Maintain the Boiler

The water level needs to be checked if you have a steam boiler. The boiler can burn out if the water level is too low. This can be expensive, so check on the boiler from time to time, or have a professional from BRAVO! come out to look at it. If you have a forced hot water boiler, make sure the pipes aren’t making any banging or cracking sounds. If you do hear these sounds, that means there is air in the boiler system. It’s best to call a technician to clear this up.

Cleaning and Dual Inspection

The ducts need to be cleaned on a regular basis and maintained so that your office and other rooms will be well heated during the fall months. BRAVO! professionals can for signs of heat escaping, such as holes and other places that may be damaged, like worn insulation.

Fuel Levels

Fuel levels need to be checked as well. You want your tank full if you use propane heat or oil to run your heating system. Contact us to have deliveries scheduled throughout the fall so that your heat does not run out. Contact your heating oil company to find out how often you will need these deliveries.

By getting all of these parts to your commercial HVAC checked well before the fall season, you will be ready for the cooler months without too many interruptions. BRAVO! can help with HVAC maintenance for your commercial HVAC needs. You can contact us by visiting our website.