How To Tell When To Upgrade Your Electrical System

When was the last time you examined the state of your electrical system? If it has been long, then now is the time to check up on it. No matter how modern and digital it may be, there always comes a time when you will need to upgrade your electrical system. This improves the safety and reliability of the system in the building by ensuring it meets your electrical needs.

5 Signs you’re due to upgrade your electrical system

Many buildings were built at a time when there was no much demand for electricity. In this modern world, we use more energy as compared to the past due to our numerous modern appliances. As a matter of fact, the average American in 1950 consumed about 2,200 kilowatts per hour (kwh) of electricity as compared to 14,000 kwh of today. And this is in an average home; you can only imagine the amount of energy used in a commercial building!

Therefore, it is crucial to monitor and check the condition of your electrical system. Here are some signs to find out if you need to upgrade your electrical system:

Upgrade Your Electrical System101. Frequent short circuits

Do your lights flicker whenever a large appliance or machine is turned on? Does your equipment shut down unexpectedly for no obvious reason? Do you have a number of extension cords running between different circuits in an attempt to stabilize the load? Then, you probably need to upgrade your electric system.

2. Tripping breakers

Do you have to plan what equipment to use in an attempt to avoid tripping your breakers? Or rather, do your breakers fail and don’t trip when they should, allowing your equipment to overheat? Breakers are designed to trip whenever there are inconsistencies in electric flow, in order to preventing overheating of machines and causing a fire hazard. Constant visits to the breaker box are a sure sign that you need to upgrade your electric system.

3. Safety issues in your electric panel

Inspect your electric panel for signs of corrosion or other deterioration signs in the wiring system. Similarly, check for melted wires or melted wiring insulation. These are signs that your building is at risk of an electric fire. The need for surge protectors at every outlet is also a sign that your electric system is in dire need of an upgrade.

4. You’re upgrading your machines

Whether you are remodeling or planning to purchase an up-to-date piece of equipment, it is essential to upgrade your electrical system. You need to ensure you have enough power for your newly purchased appliance by preventing the overburdening of your existing electrical panel which might cause damaging performance throughout the building.

5. Your building is old

As earlier on established, many commercial buildings were built before the demand of electricity was as high as it is now. Consequently, the old electric system cannot meet the modern-day electric needs, thus the need to upgrade the electric system. Modern day electric equipment are more ‘energy sufficient’ than they were in the older generations. Therefore, old commercial buildings need to keep up with the modern workload by upgrading their electric system.


As important as it is to upgrade your electric system to ensure it meets your electric needs, it is also crucial to upgrade it for safety purposes. After all, most fire breakouts are caused by electrical issues.

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