Installing A Security System Is A Necessity For The Future

Civilization has become ever more connected as time marches on. From the pony express to the telegraph and telephone, to newspapers, radio and television to todays internet. Connectivity has put us all into a global city and as we all know, cities attract criminal activity. This is why installing a security system for your business is more pressing then ever.

We Face An Ever Growing Threat

Any time you work had to create a business venture you have assets. These assets become attractive to people whose ambition is less then legitimate. The temptation of easy appropriation of assets drives the morally bankrupt. This isn’t a new phenomenon. Religions from the dawn of time have had restrictions on theft and even coveting that which does not belong to you. The earliest legal systems on record had provisions for theft. Unfortunately, we can not erase larceny from humanity, but we can try to protect ourselves from it.

Internal Threats

installing a security systemMany people don’t consider internal threats as a reason for installing a security system. However many employees steal. In fact, some reports estimate that employee theft costs US businesses $50 Billion per year. Sometimes employee theft is as simple as taking home some pens, paper, or even toilet paper. Sometimes employee theft is a big as payroll theft, making personal purchases on company accounts or worse.

Many people who steal from their employers have low work morale. They feel wronged. So one way to stop internal theft is by keeping your employees happy. But you can please everyone all the time. Another reason workers steal is because it is easy. 

Installing a security system helps keep people honest. It makes it more difficult to get away with theft, whether that theft is taking home supplies, or taking a nap on the clock, the camera sees.

External Threats

There are many external threats your business faces that installing a security system can help to stop. Breaking and Entering, theft, and even active shooters are what most people think about installing a security system for, however vandalism is just as big of a concern. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a single incident of vandalism costs on average $3,370, and vandalism is far more likely to occur. 

Vandalism tends to be a crime of opportunity. Sure, some vandals will target a specific business because of politics, or a perceived blight, but most vandals just want to vandalize. These people will likely find a target that is less likely to get them caught, so installing a security system is a good deterrent. 


Installing a security system is one of the best things a business owner can do to manage risk and reduce the level of possible loss of life or property. Reducing your business’ risk exposure and loss will help reduce insurance costs. Not only can a security system reduce loss, it can also add in the return of stolen goods. In addition, security cameras can help insurance asses liability in case of accidents. This will also help lower your insurance costs.

Installing A Security System Saves You Money And Gives You Piece Of Mind

No matter what size your business or facility, installing a security system saves you money and gives you piece of mind. Call the experts at BRAVO! Group services today, and we can visit your facility a determine the right type of security system to fit your needs and budget.