Is Converting Your Facility To LED Lighting A Safety Issue?

Most people know by now that LED lighting is a much more efficient, environmentally friendly method of lighting compared to more traditional methods, such as incandescent lighting.

However, if efficiency alone is not enough of a reason for you to switch, LED lighting may also be able to create a much safer work environment. By removing flickering, reducing the presence of poorly lit areas, and having an increased lifespan, LED lighting offers many safety features in addition to its cost reduction benefits.

No Flickering

LED LightingFlickering lights can be a major workplace hazard. Standard procedures can easily be interrupted as workers are distracted by consistent flickering and buzzing emitting from the building’s lighting.

It is absolutely crucial that flickering lights are avoided in environments where dangerous procedures are being performed. Workplaces such as warehouses and factories often require employees to perform tasks that can result in extreme harm if these employees are distracted.

Moreover, in workplaces which do not necessarily require the completion of dangerous procedures, flickering lights can create poor working conditions due to poor visibility as well as eye strain.

Due to the way LED lighting technology is built, flickering and buzzing is not an issue as it is with HID lighting methods.

Avoiding Poorly Lit Areas

Similar to issues caused by flickering, poorly lit areas can create less than optimal, and even hazardous, working conditions.

Unfortunately, lumen depreciation, the process by which a light source loses its lumen, is unavoidable. Every lighting method experiences this. However, different lighting technologies experience lumen depreciation at a different rate.

LED lighting has the slowest rate of lumen depreciation when compared to HID lighting technologies. As a result, poorly lit areas can be avoided for a much longer period of time with LED lighting than other methods. This leads to a safer, more efficient working environment.

Longer Lifespan

Another major benefit of switching to LED lighting is the increased lifespan of LED lights compared to HID lighting. LED lights can last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 hours while HID lights last a much lower 15,000 hours.

By having a much longer lifespan, LED light fixtures very rarely need to be replaced in comparison to other lighting methods. Not only does this mean that your business will save a significant amount of money in the long run, it also means that the lighting in your facility will remain brighter for longer. This means that you and your employees can enjoy a distraction-free working environment.

By switching to LED lighting technology, you are making the choice to not only save money, but to invest in the safety of you and your staff.

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