Is Improper HVAC Maintenance Eating Up Your Profits?

Your HVAC system may be silently costing you more than you realize. Even though you won’t be able to discern any difference in the way it is working, it could be working harder than normally to provide the same performance, resulting in higher costs for you. For optimum performance from your HVAC system while saving money, check out your system for these HVAC maintenance issues.

Dirty Filters

The True Cost of Improper HVAC MaintenanceOne of the most common mistakes in HVAC maintenance is not changing the filters often enough. It’s an easy thing to forget, but this is a vital step in preventative maintenance. A clogged filter causes your system to work harder than it should to perform at the same level as usual. Over time, you will not only pay higher utility costs, the extra stress on your HVAC system could lead to mechanical failure.

Dirty Coils

The coils of your HVAC system are another area where cleanliness means money saved. Dirty coils cause your system to improperly condition the air it is pulling in, making your system components work harder to achieve the performance you expect. This affects both indoor and outdoor coils. Environmental factors also impact your HVAC system’s coils; saltwater near the coast and water with a high mineral content from sprinkler systems can cause your coils to degrade further. Grass clippings can be pulled into the coil and cause an obstruction that blocks the intake, as can pollen and dust.

System Wear

All machines are susceptible to eventual wear and breakdown of the moving parts. Keeping a close watch on the moving parts of your system will keep you from wasting energy. One area of neglect is inconsistent charging of the refrigerant in HVAC systems, which often goes unnoticed for some time. Often, charging the refrigerant is overlooked because it can only be done during warm weather. Conditions in the weather can also cause problems. Hail can cause damage to rooftop units, effectively closing off the intake vents that pull in fresh air.

Irregular Inspections

Regular maintenance issues, often costing just a few hundred dollars, that are left unchecked can turn into expensive repairs or complete system replacement. Instead of viewing the cost of parts, such as belts and capacitors, as an expense, view these components as an investment in the health of your HVAC system, one that will save money, not only on repairs and replacement but also on your monthly utility expense. If your business can not employ an HVAC expert, it is important to have an expert in HVAC maintenance take care of your system maintenance schedule to ensure that all components of your HVAC unit is performing at peak levels.

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