Is Your Commercial Building Due For An Electrical Upgrade?

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of commercial buildings out there, and most businesses don’t start off by building their own building. Already existing buildings have a lot of benefits going for them. They can be less expensive. They may be in an established location. They may even have a particular architectural style that fits your business well. Whatever the reason, many businesses start off in a building that was already built.

The problem with an already existing building is that many of these buildings were built when the power needs of an average business were much lower. Many buildings were built with only 60 amp power, and just a few circuits. If you are lucky, you might have 120 amps and a few more circuits. Most businesses today require 200 to 400 amps, and far more circuits.

How To Tell You Need An Electrical Upgrade

One of the biggest signs that you need an electrical upgrade for your building is that you have power strips plugged into every outlet, or extension cords running all over the place. Even if you are not pushing the amperage of your current panel, not having enough plugs where you need them is a sign that it is time to upgrade your electrical system. Make a note of the places where your current outlets are not sufficient, or where you need outlets but do not have any, so that when you make your electrical upgrades, you can have the proper amount of outlets installed in the proper places.

Another sign that you need to upgrade your electrical system is if you are having power problems. Do your lights dim when the HVAC kicks on? Do you have equipment that turns off when it shouldn’t? These could be signs that you are using more power then your system was designed to handle.

As we all know, computer systems do not like to be shut off without first being shut down. And these days, even your coffee maker is run by a computer. Tripping breakers, and power shut offs can cause computer problems and data corruption.

Besides being a mere inconvenience, the problems that are at the root of these issues can also be a safety hazard. When to much power is being drawn through your lines, the wiring can overheat. This can cause dead shorts, ground faults and even fires.

An Electrical Upgrade Saves You

You upgrade your phone every few years, you upgrade your computer, your TV and your car. Your electrical system is no different. An old electrical system is inefficient and could even be dangerous. BRAVO! Group Services have expert electrical contractors available to take a look at your building and your businesses needs to formulate a comprehensive plan to upgrade your businesses electrical system and future proof it for your needs. If you are experiencing any problems with your electrical system, are looking to add new equipment to your business, or just have a system that is over 20 years old, it will benefit you and your business to have one of our experts take a look at your current system for you. Located all across the country, BRAVO! has the personnel and expertise to assist you. Call us today!