Is Your Oklahoma City Business millennial-friendly?

The mayor seat has attracted candidates like Randall Smith who have come out strong with policies that encourage a millennial friendly environment at workplaces and the police force. I cannot help but wonder what this ‘millennial-friendly’ really is and why it is so important in our city businesses. So what is this word? Millennial friendly simply means that the work place or whatever area is ideal for the millennial (people born in 1981-2001). This is the new group of the workforce.

Up-to-date with Technology

Oklahoma CitySo many people may be wondering, why should we bend over backwards to make them comfortable. Well, here is why. They have surpassed the baby boomers in the American workforce and in population as well. They are more in touch with the latest technology and the 21st standard of growth, which is where most businesses are headed if they have to survive and stay relevant and it is estimated that by 2030, 70% of the workforce will be the millennials. So yeah, this is why they are so important and deserve to be acknowledged.

I will go ahead and point out how you can keep your Oklahoma business millennial friendly.

Bring your Business to the 21st Century

This will be the first step to making your Oklahoma business millennial friendly. Millennials were born at a time when the digital age was growing and therefore they are a generation that has grown up with this technology. The business worlds like all other areas in the USA are embracing new technology to run efficiently and effectively. Business is going online. Online marketing is growing faster every day and it has turned the world into one large village. Creating a vibrant social media presence should be your first step.

Give the Millennials a voice in the company

Most young people like to voice their ideas and opinions all the time. Do not assume they do not have an idea what they are doing or are lazy or entitled, instead listen to what they bring to the table because they have pretty good ideas that could help take your business to the next level. Great companies like Google are run by millennials and it is for this reasons they are popular and have such a strong impact in the online world.

Create and allow for Self-directed Growth opportunities.

Millennials love a workplace that gives the employees a chance for growth and creativity. Creating a structure that enables them to achieve their goals. Reward them in order of merit and achievements as opposed to the outdated method where it was based on experience and the years of work.

Listen to feedback

Companies today are putting a great deal of focus on the feedback they receive. Online platforms have given room for customers to leave comments or reviews which are a reflection of the company’s services or products. Many search engines online, use these reviews to rate the companies. These ratings could increase your business or ruin it.

At BRAVO, we are keen to ensure your business is not only clean, but also brought into the twenty first century. Our services that include professional janitor work and updating your systems, HVAC maintenance, and adding networking cables and fiber optics will ensure your Oklahoma Business is millennial friendly. Let us Journey together.