Making Your Facility Safer and More Efficient With LED Lighting

LED lighting generates more illumination with minimal heat, project better directional light, and are safer and stronger than other forms of lighting. It’s not surprising why so many building owners and facility managers are converting and upgrading to LED lighting. With BRAVO! Group services facility managers and building owners can benefit from a comprehensive range of LED lighting products. BRAVO! Provides perfect opportunity to increase facility’s efficiency, while improving the lighting performance for your employees, customers or tenants.

Energy efficient LED

Industrial LED LightingBRAVO! LED Lighting provides energy-efficient lighting. Resulting in a significant reduction in maintenance costs and energy costs to your facility. Due to the considerable difference in the way, LED generate light, compared to other forms of lighting, LED lighting is more energy efficient and have longer lifetimes. In facility management cost savings is crucial, and because LED lighting fixtures and lamps have longer lifetimes, facility managers will spend fewer resources and time to replace bulbs and fixtures. Upgrading to LED lighting eliminates costly maintenance of traditional light fixtures since not only do LED luminaires to have longer lifetimes, they consume less energy and offer more extended warranties. In addition, advanced lighting options such as occupancy sensors, lighting controls, daylight sensing, and dimmable features are available with LED lighting reducing even more energy and operational expenses.

Safe Facilities

LED lighting also plays an imperative role in the security and safety of individuals around the outside of buildings, courtyards, parking lots and pathways since most are often lit twelve to twenty-four hours a day, year-round. Outdoor LED lights can help create safe and more secure environments by providing reliable, constant lighting. Occupants can enjoy a greater sense of security, and balanced distribution of LED light. Upgrading to BRAVO! LED lighting also provides better visibility, which reduces the risk of falls and accidents while giving better-quality lighting for occupants or staff inside and outside the facility.

Improved Facility experiences

Providing an optimal occupant experience is an important objective of facility management. With BRAVO! LED lighting facility managers, can offer beautiful warm or cool light with high color rendering value and consistent color, improving the visual experience for occupants. Cooler light temperatures help improve productivity and awareness, helping people to stay awake and alert. Making LED lighting ideal for schools and working areas where staff needs to be attentive. Unlike other lightings, LED lighting is easily adjustable and controllable in many ways to provide customizable spaces. Advanced LED lighting controls, can adjust the lighting depending on the amount of natural light in the room. The LED daylight sensing features, enhances morale, improves mood, reduce eyestrain and lowers fatigue. Furthermore LED technology indoor color temperature changes can be selected from cool to warm to suit space requirements or user preference. LED lighting is a simple, flexible and practical way to enhance any facility.

Whether you are planning to construct a new facility or renovation of a project, lighting will play an important role and BRAVO! has the latest LED technology and innovation to offer an excellent lighting experience.