More Women are Going Into HVAC Careers

HVAC as an industry is mostly affiliated with the male gender, and that is one of the major problems with the field today. With below 10% of women currently in the skilled trade sector and only 1. 4% in HVAC the careers, many firms are moving towards empowering women with the skills necessary to venture into these careers. BRAVO! for instance, is a woman-owned company that seeks to empower women with skills so that they can venture into the innovative buildings solutions market with confidence in their abilities. But what makes HVAC careers tick? Read below to discover some of the advantages of venturing into HVAC:

Better Pay and Good Work

Women in skilled occupations enjoy better pay compared to those in female-oriented trades by up to 33%. Therefore, venturing into HVAC careers can provide an opportunity for women to get the so-needed financial empowerment. It feels good for any business to taste the services of women.

Promotion of Gender Equality

Women are Going Into HVAC CareersIt’s the 21st century, and today, we are all about breaking the glass ceiling. Women are moving away from their traditional role as homemakers, and they do not just occupy positions such as teaching, nursing, and secretarial jobs anymore. Instead, they are venturing into the skilled trade which is experiencing an acute shortage of workers. It is easy to see that one of the most underutilized resources are women and HVAC careers are the best way for women to make a mark in the industry.

A Response to the Labour Shortage

The HVAC industry is a unique one, requiring more workers day in and out. Even women are in high demand in an environment that was traditionally dominated by men as the industry continues to grow. Estimations shows that between 2018 and 2026, HVAC job opportunities will be growing at a rate of 15% per year. This statistic is vital in showing just how much women need to invest in the occupation.

Cheaper Education

The thought of going to a university for four years can be overwhelming, primarily due to financial implications. However, all hope is not lost as trade schools are cheaper than attending college, which eventually ends up as student debt. Promoting women in these careers promotes the goals of education.

Most of the people in the skilled trade sector currently are older than 45 years. The industry was receptive of the male baby boomer generation, and with them approaching retirement, a huge gap that needs to be full. This is, therefore, an opportunity for women to evaluate their choices in career. Organizations such as BRAVO! and individuals are willing to support the dreams of women who choose to venture into HVAC, janitorial and electrical work.

At BRAVO!, we support women with a vision in the skilled trades. Through the company, women can get to their dream jobs. BRAVO! has a strong tradition in the provision of quality labour for facility support solutions. After going through a rigorous screening process, individuals who get jobs at the company are sure of being successful in their respective fields. Companies that engage with BRAVO! are also assured of quality services and utmost value for their money. Through their knowledge, innovation, and experience, the company has been able to maintain a competitive edge and offer customers nothing short of the best. As a company, engaging with BRAVO! helps in supporting gender equality and empowering women.