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Employee Awards

Anibal Diaz from Kerry Foods in NJ has been awarded Safety Star of the Month for the month of May in recognition of his commitment to a safe workplace.

We received an awesome feedback from on of our customers, “Just have to let you know how wonderful Annibal is. On April 13th I noticed a spill in the warehouse.It was Charcoal which is very messy, and the bag was ripped on the top tier so the spill covered all 4 tiers- the pallets, beams, and the floor.  I took some photos, notified the Warehouse Manager and continued my inspection.

When I came back not only the floor but also the supports on the lower level were already clean.  Annibal saw me looking at the mess and took the initiative to clean it all up, we need more workers like him who do not have to be told what needs to be done they just do it. He also let Micheel know the next day that this spill was recurring, so he is a good communicator as well. Annibal went above and beyond to clean up this spill, and to notify Micheel that there was a bigger problem that needed to be addressed.

Keep up the good work!