Bravo! Does It Again – CIMS Recertified

BRAVO! Group Services, Inc continues to go through the rigorous CIMS-GB recertification every two years. 2011 marked our first renewal and, during the week of September 19th, the ISSA’s independent auditor started the daunting task of reviewing all of the policies and procedures at BRAVO!

The audit included, but was not limited to, a review of our Financial Systems, Training Programs, Green Initiatives and Quality Assurance Programs. During the first phase of our audit, the auditor visited each of BRAVO’s corporate and regional offices and met with our management and administrative teams to review all of our corporate policies. In the second phase, the auditor selected eight client facilities that we service and set out to visit each location. There he performed a comprehensive review of our operations including interviewing our staff, meeting with our client and conducted a physical inspection of the site.

In 2009 BRAVO! was one out of only 40 cleaning companies internationally to have been CIMS-GB Certified with Honors. We are very proud of our staff for achieving the highest level of certification offered by ISSA.

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