Finding a way to give back to help those in need is one of the guiding principles that drives BRAVO! Group Services. Recently, volunteers from both BRAVO! and its C-K Control Temp division helped sort and pack food and other essential supplies at the Community Food Bank in Hillside, NJ.  “Millions of people in our country are food insecure.  It is important that we set the example as a good corporate citizen to provide assistance to those less fortunate,” explained Karen Martinez, BRAVO! President & CEO.  “We also must remember that many people go hungry all year long, not only during the holidays, so we must keep them in our hearts each and every day and provide assistance as often as we can ,” she added.  Karen’s concern to feed the hungry began in the early 1980s  when she stepped up as one of the original volunteers to work for Kathleen DiChiara, founder of the  Community FoodBank of New Jersey.  Karen’s dedication has continued since then, as she has incorporated her mission to give back to the community into her company’s vision and values.

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