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Karen Martinez, President & CEO, Featured in Local Newspaper “Courier News”…Shares BRAVO!’s 20-Year Story of Success

Recently, President & CEO, Karen Martinez, was featured in the “Courier News”, a local NJ newspaper, and on, where she discussed her amazing professional journey from founding BRAVO! to celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary.  Her leadership and entrepreneurial spirit is truly a testament to the successful growth of the company since 1997. 

Day Cleaning Summer 2017

NOT IN MY BUILDING! This is the knee jerk reaction we normally hear when we start discussing the concept of converting a facility/property from night cleaning to DAY CLEANING. It is understandable because on the surface, the concerns seem insurmountable and the benefits less obvious.

Control Temp Summer 2017

Summer is here and everyone wants to reduce their ENERGY COST. Before you can address reducing your energy cost you need to understand your commercial electrical bill. The first step in understanding your energy bill is to identify how much power you use and how your usage affects your rates.

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