Don’t Expose Yourself to Shock or ARC Flash Dangers When Working on Energized Equipment! Control Temp Enforces the Highest Levels of Safety.

Gary Giambatista

At Control Temp Mechanical Services, a division of BRAVO! Group Services, all service technicians and electricians are NFPA 70E certified, fully trained, and equipped with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Recently, Gary Giambatista (Control Temp VP of Operations and certified NFPA70E instructor) demonstrated the proper use of Level II ARC Fault PPE while terminating wires in an energized panel.  “Safety has always been our priority at Control Temp for both our employees and our valuable customers,” Gary stated.  “Our PPE is designed to prevent burns in case of ARC flash fires or shock hazards.  Make sure your contractors and employees are certified to work on energized equipment and are using the correct PPE before they perform any energized work.”   toll-free 24-hour service 1-800 358-9904

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